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  • GP101 - This shirt changed my life!

    From the minute the package arrived, unopened on my table, I just felt it. My life changing before my eyes.
    I am a new man.

    I wore this shirt for the first time, and on my visit to costco there were people stopping and asking me to pose with them to take pictures. That's exactly how powerful this shirt really is.

    I have a bounce in my step and people now look up to me. This shirt gives you special powers.
    So powerful, the next day I walked into the office to my job, and my boss called me in. She had heard about my purchase of this shirt and commented how she would like to give her husband one for Christmas, but was fearful of the confidence he'll inherit from it. I warned her it was real and to proceed with caution.

    This form fitting stylish comfortable shirt wears like its just another layer of skin. Like a wolf skin.

    Be one with the wolves. Buy this shirt.

  • Rose City - Day 2

    2 days in, and things have already improved after almost a year of trying everything else. Pain medications had slowed things down to the point of impaction multiple times, even after serious diet adjustments and stool softeners and increased water intake. I tried the yogurt without any appreciable success, though it does say eat 2-3 a day for maximum result. For those of us who can only choke down 1 of those yogurts a day, even of the "best flavor"- these pills seem to be a favorable alternative.

    The 90 day bottle seems to be the best value, at about $28 from Costco, and about $32 from Amazon with free shipping. Since only 1 pill is needed per day, consider the price as $.31-$.36/pill/day. Some comparable generics require 2x a day, so be sure to take that into account when comparing generics with Phillips'.

    For people who are suffering the digestive consequences of pain medication, I recommend this product. It might be "uncomfortable" as the "current residents" make their way out for the first couple of days, but it is well worth the result.

  • NM Mom - Excellent for Lego and/or Star Wars Fans

    I bought this for each of my boys, ages 11 and 14, this December. They had a different one last year. I was really happy that Lego makes a variety of Star Wars Advent calendars. My boys LOVE it! Every morning, while eating breakfast, they open and assemble their daily "discovery." One son is a LEGO fan and the other loves Star Wars. Lego Advent calendars are pricy, but worth it!

  • Rebecca Rios Morrison - Plastic cheapo vs Quality comfort

    If you've ever been to Walmart, put your hands on a Cosco cheapo booster, it's a piece of mediocre plastic with some loose thin padding that isn't even secure. Put yourself in your child's place. Would you want to go on a trip or travel around town on a seat that moves around, a seat cover that slips and tears easily, and a seat with nothing more than a sanitary napkin worth of protection? Since your child will be in the booster for a while, invest in this quality made booster that is like having a car seat cushion to sit on. Think about it. Cheapo for $15-$25 or Luxury for $55-$90 (depending on getting the best price shopping around). It's your choice.