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  • Pen Name - Wish it was year round!!!My family was going on vacation to Hawaii so I bought this to use there. We usually use the basic Sweet Almond Mint but I thought that this would be a fun change for our trip. Anyway, it was terrific! I like it so much better!!! We all have somewhat different hair types but it was great for all of us - soft and silky hair and not at all heavy or greasy, even if my kids didn't get it completely rinsed out!!! I really liked the scent and did not find it overpowering at all. I hope that they bring it back next year. Actually, I would love them to sell it year round in the larger size.
  • Roger James "Doc" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Good Tablet at Great ValueThis tablet is an all around excellent Tablet. I've owned the original 7 in tab which was nice but too expensive and slightly under performing compared to this tablet. I also own the Toshiba 10 inch tablet and the Samsung 7 inch Tab 2 which are OK but really are not in the same league. This tablet outperforms these other tablets in just about every way. The other tablets had either short battery life, were too slow or not as responsive as the Tab2 10 inch.

    This tablet is very sharp, easy to read, very responsive and the battery life is spectacular compared to the other tablets I use. Is this good enough to replace a notebook or laptop? I don't think so. I've seen tablets used in very creative and productive ways but it can't replace my desktop or laptop. I find even my old very slow net book will outperform this tablet and any other Tablet (surface excluded). This tablet is just a great electronic toy that is also very useful for web surfing, video, displaying camera images, and a 1000 other uses. I think most purchases of a tablet will use it as a very portable computer which it is but not their sole computer. There are so many application for its use most of which I haven't discovered yet.

    The best thing about this tablet is it works almost as well as the very best tablet out there but is now very reasonably priced. Why spend $500 or more for a tablet that will be replaced in 2 years. I mention this period because the batteries are not user serviceable and it's life is unknown (probably 2-3 years)The tablets available in the next few years may match laptop power of today, who knows.

    Overall I like the Tablet a lot. I use it along with my Kindle for reading, Pandora, driving a creative stereo speaker via Bluetooth, checking email, a few games, Amazon, and Netflix, and viewing my cameras digital images which works out great in the field. I could use it more but I like using my big 17 laptop with 17 core, 8 GB memory, Windows 7 and big solid state drive. It boots much faster than the tablet between 5 and 15 seconds. If you are tired of long boot times on your computer try a SSD, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    If you love Apple products, you may not like this Android device, however if you have any Android phone, I feel confident you will probably really like and be glad you bought this tablet. I bought a Bear motion leather cover (excellent) that acts as a stand and the tablet can be used vertically or horizontally and protect the tablet from damage. Overall The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch Tablet is a great tablet at a reasonable price and you won't regret the purchase.
  • Qzar99 - I love this stroller!I was using the stroller of my Graco travel system until my son was about 13 months, then I finally decided to get him a new one. My son loves his Britax carseat, so I figured they'd have great strollers as well. I couldn't believe how amazingly easy it was to fold it compared to our Graco one. I absolutely love it! And, it's a lot easier to navigate. The second I put my son in it, he had a huge smile on his face. Definitely worth buying.
  • bruce campbell - I can finally get my revengeWhenever I'm around fruit, I go into a serious depression. This happens mainly around bananas, mangos, and tomatoes, (I'm not sure why tomatoes as they are technically a vegetable). Whenever I see one I sink like a kitten thrown into a river with rocks tied to its ears. But when my best friend mort told me about this product, I had to get it. Now, I'm always cutting the horrible phallic fruit 24/7. Whenever I feel down, I chop up a banana. That makes me feel better instantly.
    Revenge is a dish best served sliced
    Thanks Banana Slicer!!