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  • R. Garcia - When price is truly no object, audiophiles truly won't object

    All these sarcastic and negative reviews are utterly unfair to Denon. It's obvious that most if not all of these comments are being made by people who have never tried the cable, and who couldn't tell the difference between 8-track and vinyl if their life depended on it anyway. A true connoisseur never skimps on his equipment, and those few of us who truly appreciate end-to-end quality should thank Denon for providing the AKDL1, which is hands down the best high-end digital audio cable available. For those who know what makes great sound, these versatile cables are an invaluable investment which will provide more than a lifetime of flawless service.
    To give you an idea of the quality of these cables, I would like to point out that it's theoretically impossible to improve on the efficiency of connection this cable provides without removing every last atom of imperfection in the copper alloy used for the wiring. In fact, the only practical way to improve the alloy purity would be to eliminate the wiring altogether, and go wireless. Which would incidentally be cheaper, too. Much cheaper.

  • Trina - Great Pice And A Great Product!!!

    I got a tablet for my birthday and wanted a sd card for it and so I wanted to find something that I could afford, as well as something that had a lot of memory. As soon as I received the card, I put it in and was able to download apps for my tablet and it went straight to my memory card. When I read other reviews I was a little unsure but with Amazon's return policy, I thought why not? I had nothing to loose and bought it. I have never regretted it. I defiantly recommend this memory card; it works and it's a great price!!

  • J. Atupem "afrodeutsch" - Don't be afraid to buy this!!!!

    I'm going to make this simple. This works! If you had norton before and your subscription is running out this will replace it. This not a trial you'll get a full year of protection. All you have to do in your amazon account is go to "Games and software library" and you'll get the product key. You enter the key and depending on what type of Norton security software you had before, you may have to go through an installation process. Once that is done, (and this is the part that confused it may say that your trial subscription has begun and you have 15 days of protection...wrong!! You can get 366 days of protection all you have to do is click on the activate button again in your norton program and it will walk you through setting up a norton account and presto! You will have 366 days of protection for under $10.00. Have I mention that I love Because I do! I hope that this helps someone.

  • Annie Steinke - Oh My! YES YES YES!

    SO GLAD I bought this latte machine when it was on Amazon Deal of the Day! I have MORE than made up for the $5 a whack it usually costs me to have a Large Latte at Starbucks! I have one when I leave for work and one when I get home now... yum yum yum yum. Must Buy!
    PS: My regular sized coffee filters work just fine on this even though it comes with little ones. Don't go buy special ones for this machine.

  • Pam Brager "Pam" - Personal Finance Made Easy!

    The cover of this book says "Personal Finance Made Easy" and it really is! The text is straight forward and easy to understand. The screen shots and Quick Notes make concepts easy to grasp. Call me old school, but I prefer a book over a program's help menu...where I can fold the pages over or use a REAL bookmark!