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  • A/V Carl "Carl" - Forced upgrade from Quicken 2009

    I purchased Quicken Home and Business direct from Intuit I paid $99 then got $30 off for using Quicken credit card. So far I love it no problems at all and it does save all your old 2009 files automatically if you want to go back, but obviously you can't because at the end of April you can't download from the Banks anymore if you have 2009. Also you have to have at least 2010 to use import in TurboTax.

  • Corey Noggle "wickedsinsation" - Best on the market

    This product is the best fiber supplement on the market. It's easy on the stomach and performs as consistent as Old Faithful. All other brands I've tried give me terrible abdominal cramps and produce inconsistent results. You can also find this product at a greater discount in straight powder form, but it is not very soluble and tastes atrocious. I would recommend starting with much lower doses than the manufacturer suggests (such as 2 caplets, twice daily) and then working your way up to the desired results. Super Colon Cleanse, in conjunction with acidophilus supplements, have turned my acid reflux and various digestive issues around.

  • B. LAWS "Linux enthusiast" - A biting social commentary which is still relevent to this day

    I first got "Animals" way back in 1996. Being a major Floyd fan, I instantly fell in love with the exquisite lyrics and fantastic music. Eleven years later, being a bit older and a lot wiser, I see "Animals" as a piece of social commentary which is still relevant to this day.

    I see the "Dogs" as the jackbooted "Waffen-SS-like" thugs that most soldiers and police officers have become in this day of encroaching tyranny. Have you noticed how increasingly militarized LEOs (law enforcement officers) have become? Have you noticed how thuggish the United States military has acted under not only the command of George W. Bush, but even under Bill Clinton?

    I see the "Pigs" as the ones in power, the ones who ultimately call the shots in the world. I see the first group of pigs as the big central bankers (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc.) and corporate bigwigs (Ted Turner, Michael Eisner, etc.) who control the power through their fortunes in corporate neo-fascist fashion. I see the second group of pigs as the puppet politicians who are put in the government to give everybody the false assumption that they have a choice when it comes to elections (Republican and Democrat are basically one and the same). Finally, I see the third group of pigs as pro-censorship people such as Mary Whitehouse, Jack Thompson, Brent Bozell, and to some extent social commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly and Michael Savage who have frequently called for the American government to impose virtually total tyranny.

    I see the sheep as the willfully ignorant "be a follower, not a leader" masses that most everybody has become thanks to them being dumbed down by mainstream media, propaganda masquerading as news, and even violent entertainment. Have you noticed how people care more about "American Idol" than they do about their freedoms? Have you noticed how people care more about Britney Spears not wearing underwear than encroaching tyranny? Ultimately, the end of the song sees the sheeple being pushed too far, so they rebel against the dogs, but little do the sheeple know that the dogs are seen by the pigs as "expdendable" because the pigs are the ones who hold the power. In the end, the pigs remain in power, and soon they will have more jackbooted enforcers to enslave the sheep once again.

    The issues that Waters covered in the album's original 1977 release still hold true 30 years later. "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

  • Harry W. Mundy "Harry Mundy" - Add QB1 to Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet!

    High School Football on Friday nights is America for a large segment of the population, and QB1 possesses all the ingredients that make it a great read. Designed and intended for young male teenage readers this almost 69-year old thoroughly enjoyed the great storyline that included-- sibling rivalry, parental favoritism, budding romance and the developing talent of a young quarterback.

    Early on while reading this book I found myself beginning to root for this young athlete, sympathize with his setbacks, become encourage by his minor successes, and finally greatly satisfied when everything came together for a rousing finish in the final game of the season.

    I highly recommend this book to teenagers of all ages!!!!

  • J. R. Cooke - Sure beats 2005

    We've needed to step up to a more recent version for quite some time, and this has all the latest bells and whistles included, such as the latest .Net components and Win8 specific controls. It's admittedly not as colorful as 2010, but I'm still looking forward to developing with it for the next few years.