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  • Staffan Lundberg - If You are REALLY in LOVE...

    Do You love somebody passionately ? Are You truly concerned about making Your best impression on him or her ? Here is Your practical help! In this book talented Leil Lowndes shares her deep understanding of how to build a relationship with the one You love. Yes, I admit that nothing can replace Your true feelings of love in the eyes of Your chosen one. But through applying Leil's lessons You will give Your loved one the best possible impression of Yourself. Instead of acting like a fool because You can't control Your passion! Leil's very last sentence is what her book is all about: "I wish You love."

  • Michael Ashe - Definitely one of my favorite supplements

    I've tried half a dozen probiotics before finally giving in and trying Align. I avoided it because it's so damn expensive and I thought it was just a big corporation jumping on the probiotic bandwagon. It's also just one strain so I figured some of the multi strain ones would be better. Turns out this is the best one I've tried. The only other one that had such an immediate and obvious effect is the Digestive Advantage brand. But ultimately DA made me a little constipated and just didn't feel quite right. By all means give it a try if money is an issue since it's much cheaper than Align. I also tried Culturelle which is ok but not nearly as spectacular as Align. Align not only reduces gas but makes it less malodorous. I noticed it working within 24 hours. I can't believe such a tiny pill can make a difference. I've been on it about a month. Last week I started drinking Goodbelly probiotics too. They sell it in the yogurt section and this stuff kicks ass too. With Align and Goodbelly combinded, I'm having WAY less gas. This is awesome.

    My other favorite supplement is Carlson's Magnesium Glycinate. Great for moods, energy, abnormal heart beats, and it also gives you awesome vivid dreams. (B6 gives awesome dreams too.)

  • Baba Yetu - A truly amazing product.

    I know what you're thinking. The Denon AKDL1 dedicated link cable is waaaaay over priced. But let me be the first to tell you that this cable performs FLAWLESSLY. I own a starship which has various electronics on board. I was in need of a cable which would allow me to connect a few of my hyperdrive ports together which would allow more power to be channeled to the main power core. I decided that this cable would be worth the credits and I went for it. After installation, my ship made the Kessel Run in less than 11 parsecs!! 11 PARSECS!!!! that is a FULL parsec faster than Han made it in the Millenium Falcon. I don't know about you but that right there justifies the amount of credits I had to throw down for this beauty.

  • Jennifer - Must have for parents of babies.

    I didn't think I needed a baby book because I can search most questions on the Internet. However I found I reference this book all the time! I like having a consistent source I can trust as opposed to weeding through hundreds of Internet sites. I definitely recommend. Most helpful topics for me are on starting solids and sleep.