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  • D. Lawful "sam_6" - Best Performance Upgrade I Could Have DoneReplaced the hard drive in my mid 2010 13 inch MacBook Pro. The Crucial website has great instructions on how to initialize the drive and how to clone it using only the Mac disk utility. Cut the startup (power on to login screen) time from 78 seconds to around 49 seconds. Applications launch noticeably faster. The mid 2010 MBPs only have SATA 2 so I can attest to the drive being backwards compatible but I certainly not going to get the full performance of the drive because of this limitation. I am very pleased with this upgrade and believe it extended the life of my computer.
  • bjpage - The most intuitive software I have ever used.Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011The digital tablet that i bought would be worthless without Sketchbook. It features and ease of use make it worth twice the price. Most of the software writen exclusively for a digital tablet is clunky and hard to use, but Sketchbook is just like using a drawing pad and pencil, even the paintbrush is wonderfully precise.
  • Lorna P - Kaspersky did it again!I bought Kaspersky virus protection(2009) when I brought my laptop 2 yrs ago. After my virus subscription ended in October 2011, I decided to try a free virus protection software. I tried Avast first, then Avg, and finally MSE. Non of these product worked and my computer became even more sluggish and kept freezing up. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Kaspersky Internet security since the virus protection worked for me before. I ordered this product on Amazon on Wednesday 11/23/2011 and received it today 11/28. It was easy to install and my computer that was rebelling is back on track and running smoothly. This is the best virus protection available now. I say thanks to the big K.
  • Latonia Edwards - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!!I have 4a/4b hair and I love this. This makes more coils in my hair than the other conditioner I used as my cowash (and I was pretty happy with that conditioner). I can not say enough about it. I feel like I died and went to heaven after using this. It makes wash day an exciting event for me. I currently have TWO backups under my sink, so I can be sure not to run out. And it smells delicious! AWESOME!
  • Malisedi - like a good friendI've read all of the books in the series leading up to this one and find I can't wait to pick it up again to catch up on the latest gossip, cases to solve, and to see what the characters are up to. Very comforting to read and feels more like I've spent time with friends than reading a book. Two thumbs up!