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  • Melanie Hamilton - Derma Wand Works For Me!!!!I love it! I have used it for 3 days now and I can already see the results happening. Its amazing. I'm 38 years old and I got the 3 lines on my forehead and the crows feet on the corner of my eyes as well as dark rings and wrinkles under the eyes. since I've started using the Derma Wand 3 days ago all of these items have decreased 50% in only 3 days! Thank u so much Christina Boves for creating the Derma Wand. I had open heart surgery and have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life so for me to have any kind of face lift surgeries was completely out of the question and through this has aged me faster so all hope was gone until now. I don't believe most things I see on TV because of all the ways u can fudge things with technology now days but I thought I would try this one item to see and I'm so glad I did! Thank u and I will tell everyone I know to buy this product. In the End all I can say is Thank You again and Wow! Believe!
  • Mikeinaz - Excellent standard medical referenceParents need to have one of these around as well as senior citizens. I guarantee your health care professional didn't tell you all the information about that drug that you will find in this book. Don't be afraid to get one a couple years old, this information doesn't change a great deal from year to year so you don't need to spend the big bucks for a new one. Ours was a couple decades old so I figured it was time to update.
  • Peter Baker - Walter keeps expanding and growingOver the last couple of weeks I've read three of Walter's books- Citizen Vince, The Financial Lives of the Poets, and Beautiful Ruins. I enjoyed all three. They were all very different. Citizen Vince is somewhat introspective but also a bit of a crime/gangster first person look at crime, punishment, revenge, and redemption... TFLotP is a Tropper/Hornby-type tale of the everyman experiencing the defining turning point of his middle age... Beautiful Ruins is a different sort of book. Epic in scope, with scenes covering 70 years (WWII - present), with real life celebrities (Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, etc) mingling with fictional characters, the book feels good to read and explores ethical and moral issues like love, loss, right, wrong, selflessness (good) versus narcissism (bad), and other human topics.

    I very much enjoyed this book. I'll read it again and give it to friends. Jess Walter's writing is evolving and with Beautiful Ruins he has reached a high-point (I hope it wont be his zenith!). Great book!