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  • Barbara Rembiesa - CEO IAITAMAndy has another homerun with The Noticer Returns. I keep copies of The Noticer and Travelers Gift to hand out to those in need, now I must also keep The Noticer Returns handy. I thought The Noticer showed me perspective but The Noticer Returns takes it to a whole new level. Any person in business, with children, or just getting through life needs this book. Way to go Andy and thank you for adding so much to peoples lives.
  • Gail - Absolutely, the BEST!My first tablet was a "Colby" Kyros and it was the WORST ever! I was never able to get INTO the tablet, due to extremely SLOW response time. I still have it, too expensive to return or "trade-in" to Amazon...
    My 2nd tablet was a Kindle Fire(before HD model)...loved it, however it "broke down" too many times so, I REPLACED IT! I currently have that one, still...7inch screen is too small to read email
    My 3rd tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I am still learning how to use it! So far, so good and I LOVE the 10inch screen...perfect for reading anything!
  • A. Gonzales - Just Try It...You Have Nothing to Lose & Everything to GainI have been using this diet on my eleven year old daughter for the last three weeks, and cannot believe how good she is feeling. Although it is a little difficult to begin such a strict diet, and it is hard to get used to, it has been well worth the changes. Her bowel movements are solid now and she is not running to the restroom 4 times a day anymore. Her teeth are not as yellow as they used to be, she has so much more energy than ever before, and she is so much happier! It's almost too good to be true!

    Just try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It may be the best decision you'll ever make!
  • M. F. Soto-Schwartz - best explanation everThis book is fantastic. My 6 1/2 year old loves it, as well as Truss's previous children's version of Eats, Shoots and Leaves. In my role as an English professor, I will use this book to help some college students who are apostrophe-challenged. The pictures do a terrific job of illustrating concepts that words alone seem not to convey to some people.
  • mountainbikemike - Trim still looks like new!1. I don't want to claim that I'm some type of car care expert, but I take pride in keeping my truck clean and I've tried nearly every type of trim product without success. They all look great going on, but wash away after the first few washes.

    2. I was concerned about the small bottle size because of the negative reviews but I found a wipe new application video on YouTube showing how far this little bottle goes which convinced me to take a chance on another trim product.

    3. After washing and drying, I applied the Wipe New to the faded chalky grey trim, bumpers and mirrors and as expected with any trim product the trim looked great. I will note that this product isn't greasy like most trim products i have tried.

    4. This is where everything is different than other products I've tried and why I'm giving this five stars. I wash my truck almost every weekend and the trim still looks new after nearly 5 months. I keep waiting for it to fade back to chalky grey and it doesn't. All the negative reviews focus on the bottle size, but this little bottle covered all trim on my truck so I don't understand why all the negativity. I use to spend less on Armorall but I had to apply every weekend which actually costs way more in the long run. This may cost more but it's a one application product. I only have 5 months to report on but I don't see this fading anytime soon.

    Update 1/27/13

    1. My trim still looks like new. I don't wash every weekend in the winter but about every other and i do occasionally use a car wash when the weather is really cold. I'm going to help a friend with his vehicle and add pictures in the near future.

    2. I've never seen a product get such a huge spread of 5 star and 1 star reviews with very few reviews in the middle, which really made me wonder why. I think it's fair to point out that i dont have a huge number of reviews but i do review items that I really enjoyed or disliked and i have purchased over 200 items on Amazon in 2012. I think it's also fair to point out that many of the most negative reviews are from amazon members that have only reviewed one product, Wipe New. Is there a chance that this as seen on TV product is actully so good that the main manufactures of products in this idustry have set out to hurt it's reputation. Do your own looking at the most negative reviewers accounts and you will see what i did, a lot of reviews from "people" that have never reviewed a single other item and just signed up for Amazon. Coincidence?