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  • E. Swope - An intimate portrait of the man behind the muppets

    Like many people I grew up with Sesame Street. It was a focal point in my home as a child, mom rescheduling dinner around it, and again when my children were young. I came to appreciate Jim Henson's warmth, wit, morality and unique ability to entertain and educate children and adults.

    I picked this book up because I have been engaged in the study of creativity and genius for much of my adult life and Henson is a man who truly is a creative genius. I wanted to find out more about what made him tick. Brian Jay Jones has provided a thorough, expansive, warm, intimate and very readable portrait of one of America's best loved artists. He goes back generations to explore the genesis of Henson's ideas, abilities andtalents collecting stories from family, friends, neighbors, performers, seems a lot of people had something to add to ensure the legacy of a very well loved man.

    I learned not only about his humanity (which shines through all his furry creations) but also that his achievements were well beyond what I knew, starting in the early days of TV and at a very young age himself, bridging and creating genres, as well as puppets, artists, performers.

    For my purposes and interests I could not ask for a better book as seldom have I seen so much detail in a biography. It is an enormous work, well written and an easy enjoyable read. Recommended for anyone interested in learning about Jim Henson regardless of your interests or where you are coming from.

  • Camper-Alex - Best $200 I ever spent on electronics

    My Kindle Fire exceeds my expectations for an e-reader and 7” tablet. Not only can I read my favorite books and magazines, but I can check my email, play a multitude of games and browse the web. This is more of a tablet computer than an e-reader. Using Amazon Silk really speeds up web browsing (compared to my son’s tablet) AND no need for anti-virus protection. I would purchase the Amazon Prime with this not only for the Fire for free two-day shipping of other Amazon orders. After the introduction of the Fire, other manufacturers were scrambling to produce a product with similar features and beat the price (The Nexus 16GB is about the closest).