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  • Evan Blittner - A Must Read For All Marketing Professionals

    Positioning a brand to genuinely differ itself from the competition is one thing. This book goes beyond most branding books by providing a handbook that clearly identifies strategies to create a distinctive consumer experience (ZAG). Neumeier uses real world examples to demonstrate how brands ZAG using organically grown strategies and execution that is placed into their entire culture.

    The book provides detailed explanations as well as charts for key themes such as Good and Different, Defining a brand, Market place clutter, Designing your ZAG, True lines that translate into real world Taglines, engagement, and how to create mutual loyalty programs that engage and challenge consumers rather than buy loyalty with discounts.

  • Jeff Van Reiner - Finally! Evidence over hysteria!

    Hrm, I suspect most of the negative reviews here are written by people who have not read the book and have received misinformation about it from an interest group.

    I *HAVE* read the book and heartily recommend it to the pregnant women I know. It's a great asset for pregnancy decision making. Not all medical studies are created equal and this book is careful to separate good evidence from shaky evidence. It is a great book for people interested in facts and evidence.

    If you'd like to be extra, extra careful when you are pregnant and avoid deli meat you can do so. What *THIS BOOK* tells you is that if you *really* want to reduce the risk of the kinds of food borne illness that can harm your baby what you might want to avoid instead is cantaloupe! *The author is not opposed to being careful!* She just wants you to be careful about the right things.

    I received prenatal care at an incredibly respected private practice affiliate with one of America's top hospitals. When I asked about foods to avoid I got a photocopied sheet that looked like it had been added onto piecemeal since the Carter administration. An ob/gyn can save your life if your uterine ruptures during delivery, but most just aren't that good at critically reviewing the evolving evidence-based medical literature. You can improve your pregnancy experience by doing your homework. This book is the best I've seen for helping you do so.

    Anyone who's read WTEWYE has probably chuckled when they see that cookies and cocaine are handled with equal gravitas. Until now, there haven't been a lot of antidotes. Finally there is.