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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 85260 Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Jenny :) - Still good after 2 years!very nice quality items. the only reason i give it four stars is because the cookie sheet is so small. the cake pans are pretty small too. i know they list the sizes in the item description, but it's hard to imagine the actual size until i actually see it. however the quality is still very very good. I also always handwash my bakeware, so I wouldn't know if it rusts in the dishwasher.

    Update (Aug. 19th, 2010):

    I've owned these for two years now and they're still doing great (so I changed my rating to 5 stars). I haven't needed to buy any new bakeware yet. I've baked cookies, muffins, coffee breads, and cakes using this set and didn't ever needed to butter/flour the bakeware beforehand. All of my desserts have come out without sticking. I read somewhere that you can't put non-stick coated items in the dishwasher so I've always washed these with a sponge (the non-scrubbing/abrasive kind), soap detergent, and warm water. When I bake chicken, I line the bakeware with aluminum foil and anything that leaks through the aluminum and gets stuck on the bakeware, I soak in water and it's easy to remove.
  • Cyang - Most awesome product!!I bought this along with some raspberry ketones and this is by far the most amazing product I have ever tried. After giving birth to my first son I was having so much trouble losing weight and as well with my second the weight just kept packing on like crazy. I was a little skeptical of this like everyone else but so far I'm in love with the product!! I cannot believe how amazing this product is. I took one this morning an hour before breakfast, one an hour before lunch and lastly one an hour before dinner and so far I had to force myself to eat because this really suppressed my appetite. I feel great unlike other diet pills that made me shake and have me migraines. This product is like no other I have tried and I cannot wait to let you guys know how much weight I've lost by the end of the week.
  • S. TSALAVOUTAS - Floyd EarthboundThis is an album of music initialy composed and evolving through being played live for two years before its release. As a piece of art it is superb.Yet, musically it is rather simple, that is for a Floyd record, and not as multi-layered and complex as its predecessors though the many sound effects and spacey sound make it seem otherwise. But just listen to the drums, it's like hearing Charlie Watts hiting harder!
    This was a record it took me a long time to get used to: you have a feeling that you're not listening to something BEATIFUL. It's an uggly work and the music is nasty save the melodic and gloriously painful solo of Dogs and the two snippets of Pigs on the Wing. But great art needn't be beatiful: could you say Guernica is Beatiful?
    Lyrically it's the first Floyd album to deal with things earthly and it is actually not a band but Water's effort. Nevertheless, even if particular persons are mentioned this bleak statement will be valid as long as capitalist economy prevails. This is the transformation of a social statement into art and this can be seen most obviously in the magnificent cover where a particular (Battersea power station)is transposed out of space and time into symbolic order.
  • Law Student - Keep Hating on a CLASSIC! You probably would've hated Dickens or Billy Shakespeare in their time, too!I'm a little annoyed with the sarcastic, hate-filled 'reviewers' of this book. You all seem to think it's funny that some people would honestly like some expert advice on ways to avoid huge ships. What, you've never been traveling at a very, very slow speed straight toward something really, really big that you could see for miles and miles away, and wished you'd known what steps you could take to avoid crashing into it?

    Well, all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS! What's it like to be so perfect? You haters just keep on enjoying your huge-ship-collision-free little fantasies. I for one am going to buy this book and learn something, because I live in the real world, where huge ships and the dangers they present to people like me are actually a serious issue.
  • Betty J. Webb "bboop1104" - Another riotous Stephanie Plum mystery!I was introduced to the Stephanie Plum series by a friend and I think I started with " Lean Mean Thirteen". That's the great part about this series! You do not have to start with the first, although they each stand alone, they build on the history of the previous books in each one which makes them all the more enjoyable. After having read 13, I found some more at the local resale book store and was completely hooked! I am now making my way through the entire series! "High Five" is a definite MUST READ no matter the order in which you are reading the books!