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  • drock - radical then and radical nowDavid Platt's book, "Radical," has received widespread publicity in the Christian culture, and has even reached the New York Times Bestseller List. That presumably means that many people are reading it. If so, I pray that many Christians will begin to live by the Scriptural principles that Platt highlights.
    I was reluctant to read the book, to be frank. Not because I thought it was worthless or dangerous. Rather, I was afraid that I would read it, and not hear what Jesus was calling me (and my family) to do. Or worse, that I would hear Jesus and just ignore Him. But now I have read it. And thankfully, I often have meditated on what Jesus' radical call means for my family on more than one occasion. Time will tell if I will obey the radical call that Jesus places on his followers.
    The weakness of "Radical" may rest in the lack of specifics. I would have appreciated if Platt had spent more time fleshing out what this radical life might mean for the general family in the church. But I do know that Platt consistenly expressed his reluctance in being legalistic, so I know this oversight was no oversight at all from his perspective.
    The strength of the book is Platt's (re)examination of Jesus' radical call as found in Scripture. It certainly is easy to ignore the implications of the Gospel for our lives as affluent Americans. I also appreciated his exhortation for all of us to claim the Great Commission. Whether a missionary or not, all of us can use the talents and resources that God has blessed us with to make disciples among all nations. I loved the personal examples that he gave from his life and the lives of others. Of course, the hard part is seeing this come alive in my congregation among a people that have always seen the 'missionary call' as something for other people.
    Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone. But flowing out of my own reticence, I would caution people to read at their own risk. Reading Platt's book should not be 'faddish.' All of us must hear the words of Christ (that Platt highlights) ready to obey.
  • gail - PerfectI am completely happy with my Samsung Galaxy T2. A friend bought one; I fell in love with it, and worked out getting one myself. I have become such a fan of this tablet that I have gotten 6 others to buy one too! Even 2 strangers I met in a shop!