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  • Druidgal - GHOST KEY by TRISH MACGREGORGhost Key (The Hungry Ghosts)

    "HIGHLY RECOMMEND ! This novel is truly exceptional ! You will enjoy the vivid characters and all their trials and triumphs while journeying through the mystic world of Esperanza and the wonders of the tangible and not so tangible world we live in. Run through fields with Wayra,laugh with Sanchez,and cry with Maddie are just a very few of the emotions you will experience ! Do not miss out on this novel ! Trish Macgregor tells a stoy like no other can ~ pick up your copy today and enjoy the Ride!"
  • judy - I bought this for my Samsung......Galaxy tablet and I love it! Not only do I now have more storage, but I can now play my games without them freezing or crashing!
  • Debbie - OUTSTANDING PRODUCT I've been using it for YEARS.I have used Temp Tooth for YEARS and I could not live without it. I have several bridges and I couldn't afford the another one but I INSIST on a perfect smile, wouldn't leave the house otherwise. I'm 59 and have always taken care of my teeth. I had 2 teeth pulled on each upper side at the same time 3 1/2 years ago and I could only afford 1 bridge. They made a $700 flipper for the other side WHICH I HATED. You lisp and it is a whole mouth piece for just ONE TOOTH. THANK GOD I FOUND TEMP TOOTH. I NEVER used that flipper, lost my $700, but I do use Temp Tooth every single day. You get to be a pro at making a real tooth and you cannot tell the difference in ANY of my teeth when you look. AND I don't have to take the tooth out to chew food (flipper you have to do that and I can't imagine doing that in a restaurant!). After months my Temp Tooth will slightly discolor from eating and drinking (coffee and staining foods, just like teeth do) and I make a new tooth. Every dentist should offer this product because when I asked if there was anything else out there for my one tooth gap I was told NO, just the flipper. Buy this product. Believe me, you will be as happy with it as I am and I am VERY FUSSY about my teeth. In fact, the space missing is right next to my other bridgework and you cannot tell the difference from the bridge or the Temp Tooth. It is an amazing product and I've ordered it 3 or 4 times now. Thank you Temp Tooth, you are the BEST product out there.
  • liberty1 - Remover removed!Remover removed! I tried two products before and it was a waste of time and money, so I was skeptical about ordering your product. But, `DermaTend' works. I followed the instructions provided and the skin tags, small and large, fell off on the third day during my shower. I recommend this product to anyone for tag removal. Thank you.
  • M. Higgins - 5 Stars for SignificanceI am a huge Dave Eggers fan - AHWOSG and What is the What are two of my all-time favorite reads. Admittedly, I was less impressed with "You Shall Know our Velocity."

    While I did not find Eggers writing in Zeitoun quite as masterful as AHWOSG and What is the What, there is no question Zeitoun is as heartbreaking as both and matches "What is the What" in terms of its significance to our understanding of an enormous human rights tragedy. The book is incredibly riveting, particularly once the real human atrocity is revealed. Couldn't put the book down from that point until the end.

    In short, this is an important book that SHOULD be read. It is an unforgettable work of justice -- blending great journalism with historical non-fiction to expose a human rights failure in hopes that a similar tragedy might not again be repeated.

    The Zeitouns deserve this book, as do countless others who've suffered and/or continue to suffer similar atrocities. I applaud Dave Eggers and others who contribute to this much needed genre - Zeitoun, What is the What, The Help, Three Cups of Tea, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Diary of Anne Frank, etc. These books shock and dishearten in a way that appeals to our shared human empathy. In so doing, they erode those elements (ignorance, stereotypes, bureaucratic systems, etc.) that enable these atrocities. I hope Zeitoun is widely read and widely reflected upon. It's a book that offers countless examples of how single acts of kindness and decency possess the power to overcome the most complex system failures.

    Loved it!