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  • Vegas Ross - My favorite Tax software

    I've used others, but this is the best for the best price. I always get the Home Premium because I have a rental house and stocks. The software is very simple to just follow thru the screens answering all the questions on each subject. I cannot comment on the Business part of the software since I only bought this combo pack of Home Premium and Business this time since it was on sale cheaper than the Home Premium alone. But I can say the Home Premium is very in depth yet easy to use. I handles my stocks, my rental house, IRAs, bond sales, college deductions and everything else I can through at it from an American family.

  • H. Heather - Easy setup

    I only just purchased my AeroGarden, so I have nothing to harvest just yet, but I wanted to comment on the high quality of the package, and the ease of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised. The instruction manual was clearly written and diagrammed. You simply screw in the light bulbs, attach the light to the base, add water, drop the seed packets into their slots (clearly marked), cover them, plug it in, drop in a couple of tablets and you're good to go.

    The salad greens seed kit was included in the package, but I started with the herbs, which I ordered separately. Apparently there are additional seed packets under development. Also, the grow light is indeed very, very bright but it's easy to program for nighttime shut-off.

  • Mitchel J. Haas "mitcheljh" - Does what it claims

    Works as claimed. I've owned ATI for over a few years. Although I don't have the latest version, the version I've purchases has worked well for me through two different operating systems. Unfortunately, you will need the latest version in order to make up a restore CD for the latest version. But if you don't need to make that restore CD, older versions work just fine. I just used an older version to clone a software raid 5 array (with 4 logical drives) to a new hardware raid 1 array, and it worked flawlessly. This was the 2nd raid migration I used ATI for, and both times went very smoothly. Yes, the later versions may be a little more bloated, but I'd bet not nearly as bloated as the alternative software solution.

  • Lauren Alain - Review of 2012 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

    As an aspiring children's and young adult author, I found the 2012 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market text to be profoundly invaluable. Advice given by current editors and agents as well as sample texts that publishers look for is gratefully needed for all desiring to get their foot in the door. I admired the stand-out authors recently published and their passion for the written word. What I take from them is the ever constant motto - be persistent. These select few went from unknown to well-known. With this book, I can only hope for the same luck.

  • Chris Adval - FANTASTIC!

    I've read it from cover to cover in a 2 weeks and have yet to find anything useless honestly. But as most other similar books in the market, the book doesn't describe its geographic focuses which of course many may clearly see it or not, but from the title or official description you can't, the book's geographic focus is clearly the U.S. and a little bit outside of the U.S. So beware if you live in outside of the U.S. I'd research on the author first on where he/she is from then you'd get a better idea where the geographic area is in. Otherwise this is a fantastic book, nothing bad about it, I got all the information I need to start submitting to consumer publications, galleries, contests, books, about everything.