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  • M. Stockford - A new approach to building strong relationshipsA well-written, slyly humorous book that recommends an entirely unconventional approach to atrengthening intimate relationships. Although the book's suggestion to achieve sexual satisfaction by avoiding instead of pursuing orgasm is in opposition to the daily messages we receive in American culture, the author, Marnia Robinson, makes a compelling case -- via both psychological and scientific arguments -- to give it a try. The book is definitely worth a try too.
  • Busyfamilyof4 - Great for your pocket while working or at clinicalsI am a nursing student in my final semester and I wish I had found this book long ago! It is perfect to fit in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day. It is not as detailed as a larger drug book, but it does the job and is great to carry with you throughout the day. I would highly recommend to any nurses, especially nursing students who are just learning about drugs.
  • Meemo - Difficult to Read, Difficult to Put DownIn a word - amazing. It's hard to say I "loved" this book because of the subject matter. It's dark and disturbing and at times very difficult to read. But I also found it to be fascinating and near-impossible to put down. Chevy Stevens shows us how difficult it must be to recover, both physically and emotionally, from a series of unimaginably traumatic experiences. Having quite possibly read and watched too many books and movies with big plot twists, as I read I kept imagining all kind of twists that she might have thrown in at some point or another. And she did throw one in, but it wasn't one that I'd imagined or saw coming until I was meant to. I will definitely be reading more of her books.