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  • ZShaik - Acronis True Image is a life saver for over a decade...I have been using Acronis True Images for over 10 years and I was always very happy with it. This was a life saver for all these years and still is. Currently I have TI 2010. All I do is make an image of my "C" drive and that is all I need, so that if I need to restore for any reason, I can use that. I have never had any problem doing backup or restore and I have done backup and restore so many times, I cannot even count them. I normally restore my system every couple of months so that I have a clean copy of all the programs and then do Windows updates and any other software's update, now my system is running just like new, then I do a backup again for future use. I keep my data files (My Documents), Internet Explorer Favorites, Outlook datafile etc. in another drive in the same computer. I backup those separately, I don't use True Image for that, just copy and paste to other portable hard drives and also to another hard drive. I see recently Acronis added so many other features within True Image, I don't care about them, and I don't use them. I see so many negatives on last few versions and therefore hesitate to upgrade to TI 2013. Yesterday I installed Windows 8 Release Preview to my Windows 7 system. I tried to install TI 2010, it did not install as error message showing "not compatible with Windows 8". I wanted to try something, this time I use the TI 2010 recovery CD I created before, to do Windows 8 backup. It backed up without a problem. To test, I reinstalled my Windows 7 with a TI 2010 backup copy I had. Windows 7 up and running, NO PROBLEM. Now test 2 with Windows 8 backup copy just created by TI 2010 to reinstall Windows 8. NO PROBLEM. Windows 8 up and running without problem. TI 2010 will not install on Windows 8 but if you use the TI 2010 recovery CD to backup and restore Windows 8, it works. I don't know if I should still upgrade to TI 2013, maybe I will once I see more feedback that is positive.
  • B.E. - hopefulI have previously had hair removed on my lower legs at my doctors office. I got 6 treatments for $1000. The reviews for this product were very good and reviews for other products were not good. I decided to take a chance. This product did not cost much more than the $200 it would cost me for another doctor's treatment.(6 treatments did not remove all hair). Plus I could use this on other parts of my body. I have used it a few times and have stopped all hair growth on one lower leg (haven't done the other one yet) and mostly stopped underarm hair growth. It will be awhile to complete all areas but I have high hopes.