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  • Asher - Fantastic systemFantastic. The system and controller are very well made. The systems ID is very clean, and sleek. The console runs very quietly. The controller feels strong and is a big improvement over the dual shock 3.

    There are some awkward UI navigation elements when navigation setting and sharing options but the core function of the console is solid. Games look better than ever!

    The option to remote play to the Vita is also a great addition. This allows me to play my console from bed if I want and it works very well.

    Great value for the price!
  • P. Michael Saint - Hungry for moreMany years ago, "The Age of Context" co-author Shel Israel and I were each reporters for the same daily newspaper - but not at the same time - he had left the paper by the time I arrived.
    But Shel and I did have one good friend in common. He was a wise old news editor named Charlie O'Brien.
    And Charlie used to say that a good news story or book should always leave the reader a little hungry to read more about the subject.
    And Shel's book does that well. I came away marveling at what technology will soon do for us, blown away by what things like Google Glass will mean and filled with questions on how these advances and others will impact our privacy, politics, law, economics and host of other fields.
    Shel and co-author Robert Scoble make technology and future seem exciting, frightening and far more interesting than politics, or law or economics. And reading their words about upcoming advances in fields like medicine left me with a strong sense that despite what the politicians seem to say, the world is getting better because of technology like big data, social media and devices that learn about the user and respond accordingly.
    And I am betting if he were still alive to read it, Charlie would give "The Age of Context" five stars. I do.
  • - Great Product!!I was simply tired of paying outrageous fees to my cable company when I dont watch that much TV. Roku gives me the ability to watch what I want, when I want it without paying monthly fees unless I choose to. I have a Amazon Prime account and Netflix as paid on the box, but the rest I get is free!! Not everyone will get rid of their cable for this but in my case this was the best choice. Considering buying one for my second TV since you can only use one per set, but it is cheaper than one month of my cable bill!! The HD is awesome and really shows how good of a TV I have. This was easy to set up and very simple to use!! Great choice to replace or supplement your current viewing enjoyment. Bravo on such a great product!!
  • FAST FRED "FAST FRED" - scanner problemPurchased two of these for our inventory because our scanners that we have are old and broken from dropping. They came on time, but when I try them out I did not like how the scanner worked. All our old scanner shoot when I pull the trigger, but these scanners scan without pulling the trigger. I look for a fixes but no program scan barcode in the manual. I call the company and got a call back a couple a day later just to say they do not have assessed phone tech, but to use the support email. the scanner will work but I have to hold the gun without moving, place the barcode under the scanner and then pull the trigger. It important at inventory to be right on or it will make inventory a big problem.

    Up-date today I when to Taotronic web site I noted at the bottom of the product notes is how to turn of the auto scan. You hold the trigger for 8 second, (not in book) and now it work like my old scanner.So, I change it to five star.