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  • CPickens - Use this all the timeWhen Microsoft Money went out of use, I switched to Quicken. I'm writing this in 2013, but I'm still using the same version. It allows me to download information from my bank. I no longer balance a checkbook by hand or keep track of bills by hand. It use this on my laptop. Couldn't live without this.
  • Arizona Reader - Awesome TabletVery nice tablet, and in many respects better than iPad2. The quad core and ability to view outdoors set it apart from other tablets. Good battery life, very snappy, ICS available, all make it a very nice experience.

    I also like the slightly longer height than on some similar sized tablets because it makes it work great as a reader. I find reading PDF docs easier on this than on my 21 inch monitor.
  • Leonard W. Verrett "Classical Guitarmeister" - Successful data conversion from Quicken 2000 to Quicken 2013I was concerned about upgrading, since I had Quicken transactions dating back to 1992, and still running Quicken 2000 for far too long due to worry over being able to preserve my data. Finally, I purchased Quicken 2013 to go with my Windows 7 new PC. The 2013 product initially would not install, as it detected Quicken 2000 and required that I first uninstall the old version. As this was clearly unacceptable, I emailed Quicken support, who replied within a day that they would provide Quicken 2010 at no cost on my account, which would bridge the upgrades. I set up an account, and they provided Q2010. The 2010 upgrade converted my 2000 data files with no issues, and the upgrade behind the scenes invoked the 2003 intermediate upgrade routine before converting to 2010. I then installed 2013 seamlessly. I am glad I was able to have my data all intact and converted to the new version. It was refreshing to have good support, and their solution worked. I am now using the new software, which to do the basics was not a big leap from Quicken 2000.