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Welcome to Link Hills Medical Centre Homepage - Link Hills Medical Centre is a multi-disciplinary medical centre situated in Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: Atlanta, Georgia

  • Hildegarde Minstein - Good Product But Don't Pay Full Price.At various times in my career, I have managed a counter for a major cosmetic company in a major department store. I have training and experience going back to 1968 with all kinds of high end products.
    Airbrushing is a conveniently clean hygienic way to apply foundation and blush, to contour, and to apply eye shadow. It produces a very natural looking result, even in full sunlight, blurring wrinkles and shadows well and filling in large pores to some extent. However, I didn't think the Luminess system looked so much better or was so much more convenient that it was worth 350.00, so I decided to return it.
    I called the company fully intending to return the system, but they offered to reduce my price 290.00 off the original price and sent me two confirmation emails and a confirmation number, so I decided to keep it. I still had to pay for the foundation I already had and I didn't mind that since I had used it, but they threw in an extra set of three different foundations in my shade. That made my total be 99.99 - 59.99 for the system and 30.00 for the foundation kit I'd already used.
    After doing some research, I found it on the web in various places for about that price. So I think that if you can find the system for 99.99 with the foundation included - go for it.
  • M. Dean "fiction fan" - This program worksAfter being diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago, I suddenly started to gain weight that I just couldn't lose. I even hired a great personal trainer for 4 months and went back on weight watchers - which had worked well for me before - but I still continued to gain weight and inches rapidly. I felt generally sluggish and lousy plus started to develop some odd gastrointestinal symptoms. I have never been a "sick person" so it was all really disorienting and depressing. My doctor tried some tests and adjusted thyroid meds, but acted as if it was just something I had to accept as the new normal. I found this book after seeing Haylie on Dr Oz. Her program makes a lot of sense, but is completely counter intuitive after so many years of weight watchers, south beach etc. If you bite the bullet, and follow it 100% for the 28 days, it will work miracles. It isn't hype. It simply worked for me. I just finished my third week and I have lost ~15lbs, but that isn't the best part. I feel like myself again. Energy is up, gastrointestinal oddities are gone & I look a lot better too. I still have ~30lbs to lose, but now I know that I can actually lose it while continuing to reboot my metabolism. (I have the book, ebook and app.) Two of my co-workers are now trying it after seeing how it worked for me. Thank you Haylie!
  • Lesley - Such a fun thing to do!Worth the $ to me to be able to pass time before I truly find out the sex of my baby!

    Anyone who thinks this will ACTUALLY tell you 100% what your baby's gender is will be mistaken. If it were that easy we wouldn't need ultrasounds! Think about it before you post bad reviews for you being so gullible! You've got a 50/50 chance people! Have fun with it geez!

    If you want to know your baby's gender wait the appropriate time for your ultrasound or get the crazy risky amnio test or crazy expensive blood tests. Don't waste your time peeing on everything known to man kind! Hahaha
  • A. Wilson - GREATEST GAME EVER! (Ignore the whiners here)All the moaning about DRM is laughable. By the time you'd install this game on the now allowable 5 machines you'll be long done with it and if not, the process to add will have minimal impact on your life.

    That aside, this is by far the single most creative game ever imagined, yet alone released. It is a momental effort that gives the player more depth and explorative consideration than ever before. While the somewhat kid-like quality of the graphics and creatures may be off-putting to some, it keeps the player firmly entrenched in an alternate reality than plays well for escapism. It's the antidote to the tired old realism apparatus so en vogue.

    Wil Wright is a genius whose work should be celebrated by those who have played any of his masterpieces. I saw him present a demo of this at SXSW last year and it rocked my world. The idea that you could create a universe is a lofty, if not seemingly impossible task and Wright has successfully delivered.

    Whiners be damned! Buy Spore if you love games and having a good time!
  • crazymtnwoman - Sade is the best:)I cannot wait for this dvd so i can relive the concert experience. I saw her in Atlanta and loved it so much i went to see her again in Greensboro. this time i spent more money and got excellent seats because it was worth it. I dont think i have ever spent that much on a concert ticket and would do it all over again.