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  • George Beahm - The best accounting program for Mac owners running a businessI've used Macs for many years, and in the early years, it was impossible to get a good accounting program for the Mac platform. That's why I bought its sister product, Quicken, through many versions. (Happily, the 2007 version is now compatible with the new Mac OS. Now, they just need to bring its features up to the level of its PC counterpart.)

    While Quicken is very good, it's NOT an accounting program with a chart of accounts, the ability to track inventory, etc. Although it's easy to set up, it's worthwhile to get an accessible book on general accounting to understand its principles, which makes it easier to set up the program correctly.

    For me, the three most useful functions are:

    1. the ability to enter and track inventory (which Quicken doesn't do).
    2. the ability to create invoices (which Quicken doesn't do)
    3. provide detailed, accurate print-outs of income and expenses for my CPA, who gets righteously upset when I turned in summaries using Quicken with vague categories.
    4. the ability to set up an account based on your business--your chart of accounts based on your profession.
    5. It's easy to use, esp. if you're not an accountant. (Like other Mac software, this is for "the rest of us.")

    If you run a micro business (one or two people) or a small business (dozens of people), and you set it up properly and make the entries on a regular basis, it will save you time and money every three months when estimated taxes are due; and you submit paperwork to your accountant for the yearly tax return, you'll be glad you've gotten this program: It works!
  • LovetheGame - Depends on your lifestyle if this will work for you or not.This is the first time I tried this product. I lost 6 lbs in the first 3 weeks taking 9 pills a day. 3am, 3mid, 3pm. They give me energy, help my cravings, but if I don't take the full amount, or if I have a bad cheat week with my diet, the weight can come back on. I think this mainly helps with water weight. My body fat percentage did go down slightly but so did my muscle weight. Overall, if you are eating well and drinking water, it can help, but its not a miracle pill. If you eat crap, it's not going to make your fat disappear. As long as you go in knowing this, you will be happy with the product. Also, pay attention as these are 500mg capsules, and it takes a minimum of 1500mg a day for effects, and they recommend 3500-4500 mg a day for best results. This bottle will go fast. Make sure you get one that is 60% HCA and is Pure Extract for the best results. You can save money if you get the 1500mg capsules as you only need 3 a day as opposed to 6 or 9.
  • Clare O'Beara - The testingIn the style of 'Hunger Games' the young people gather to be Tested when they graduate at age 16. The earth has been damaged by war and Five Lakes Colony needs people at University to develop crops that can cope and remain edible. Cia is so proud to graduate, but then is taken for Testing. She must travel to far Tosu City with three others. But her father, who was himself Tested, tells her of his wiped memory and nightmares, of how he never saw any candidate who failed again. Whatever Testing involves, he didn't want it to happen to his daughter. Trust no-one, he emphasises.

    Only bright young people are accepted so Five Lakes, which sent no candidate for some years, is potentially losing the experts it needs to survive. Cia and her friend Tomas find hidden cameras trained on them even on the journey. The city is wealthy but some people look dirty and hungry. Other candidates may try to weaken the opposition, so Cia doesn't accept food from them. The first stage is written; history questions on the war and restoration, which wasn't too bad, but Cia doesn't like the sound of the team assessment stages to come, and tensions are mounting.

    I was concerned that a student, stressed from exams, takes her own life. I know young people don't need a book to see that this can be done, but we don't need to show young adults that this is an option to be considered at exam time. Cia is focused on surviving and helping her friends, but she realises that no official stepped in to save the other girl, which again may inspire a reluctance in young people to confide in adults. While there is less action than in 'Hunger Games' deaths, traps and betrayals follow so this is not for the tender. With exams over, survival skills and weapons are required to face the contaminated wilderness where anything goes from the contestants.

    The style of writing is good and the story kept me reading, but we early see that science is prized, knowledge and initiative are survival tools. The real lesson of Joelle Charbonneau is encouraging young people to learn all they can; our race may depend on them, and not just for brutal combat entertainment. This makes it less believable however that her dystopian society would cull the most intelligent young people annually; surely they would cull the slowest? If you know a young person who reads THE TESTING, I would encourage them to discuss it and see which attitudes are relevant to their own lives and which are not.
  • O. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown" - A Perfect Name for the Perfect Moisturizer*****
    This has been my daily moisturizer for several years. It makes my skin very soft, very healthy looking, and glowing. It makes me look radiant. I have given it as a gift to my sister and to other women, and they have all liked it as much as I have. No one has had any adverse reactions. You can notice a difference after just one use. When I've run out and used something else temporarily, I always can see the difference again once I start back up. It is as close as it gets to a miracle cream.

    I do not wear makeup, so Hope In A Jar is it. I am 49 years old and I think my skin looks incredible. The friends I have given it to also like to keep a natural look and prefer their skin without heavy creams, thick moisturizers and sunscreens, or makeup.

    The women I know who are fans of Hope In A Jar are like me. We're kind of lazy no-fuss "one cream that does it all" people; instead of one jar of something for one thing, and another for something else---eye creams, night time moisturizers, daytime moisturizers, etc.---we're the type that wants just one that can do the job and then be done with it. In other words, we don't have the patience to fuss with our looks a lot, or to spend money buying bunches of different creams to keep track of and remember to use.

    Unlike other reviewers, I love the smell, which is not perfumey, but definitely pleasantly distinctive. I use it around my eyes also, and have not had an allergic reaction. It seems, though, that these are the two biggest problems with Hope---the distinctive odor and allergic reactions among some people. I would suggest buying it the first time from somewhere you could return it if you don't care for it; although in my opinion, this would be unlikely, apparently it is possible. Philosophy now makes another version of Hope In A Jar for sensitive skin; if you know that your skin in temperamental, perhaps it would be better to also try this version. I have stuck with Hope In A Jar because it works so well for me.

    It seems expensive, but it is not because it lasts a long, long time. The two-ounce jar lasts me about six months. I use a toner and then Hope In A Jar and that's it. I'm done with my face in 30 seconds. Plus, it gives me a look that most women use makeup to get, so I think it's a bargain.
  • Lilijoy - "Life is a journey for us all.""We all face trials. We all have ups and downs. All of us are human. But we are also the masters of our fate. We are the ones who decide how we are going to react to life."...What an inspiration! I live in Utah and I remember the day Elizabeth went missing and the nine months that followed. She was on our minds, in our hearts and spoken in our prayers. I remember her rescue and the days that followed. I managed a small shop in Trolley Square Mall and had the pleasure of having this Beautiful young lady as a customer. She exudes confidence and grace. This book is captivating because Elizabeth brings you right along on her nine month journey and how she was able to get through this trial in her life. This is a great book and a good reminder of my own gratitude for the blessings in my life.