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  • L. Han - OEM Quality At Half The PriceThis rack is 100% identical to the OEM rack that is available from Honda at anywhere from $200 to $300 plus installation. The rack is extremely sturdy and made of metal except for the plastic covers that go over the pods to cover the mounting bolts.

    The negative feedback regarding instructions is unwarranted as installation in remarkably easy. Each of the 4 corner mounting pods/towers is clearly marked LH (left drivers side in the US) and RH (passenger side). The front and rear cross bars are also labeled as such with a sticker. However, since the front is wider than the rear cross bar, you cannot install it incorrectly. The cross bars are also shaped such that you can't even install them except correctly - in other words, idiot proof.

    The quality of this rack is also an A+. I was skeptical given the price and thought it might contain plastic parts, but that is absolutely not the case - everything is is constructed from thick gauge metal. This rack is as sturdy as the THULE racks which cost much much more for the CRV. BUY THIS RACK, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG AT THIS PRICE.
  • Rose Murray "Writer - Astrologer" - Align is fineI don't know that a product like this needs a review. My doctor recommended these pills and I find this is the easiest, least expensive way to receive them each month. If you use Align, you won't find a better bargain anywhere.
  • warningtrack11 - Anti virusThis product was in my then new laptop so when it came time to update I stayed with the OEM virus protection. I was so pleased with your product that I installed it on my PC and now have updated them again for 2013. I cannot speak for others but I have no problems with installing or in use of your program. Thank you very much and I will continue to use your product as long as your around!
  • Brandon "Indie Author Book Reviews" - IABookReviews.com gave this a 9.0/10.0!Rating: 9.0/10.0

    Review: Two classic stories merged together was something I was a bit hesitant on. The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my favorites, being retold by Sherlock Holmes, which is also another one of my favorites, was somewhat of a mystery to me. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. After picking up the book, I wasn't able to put it down for two days. At a little over 560 pages, I was enthralled throughout the book. I knew what happened in The Count of Monte Cristo, but this definitely put a new angle on it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Like any other Sherlock Holmes book, you have to pay extreme detail in what he is saying to put together the details of the puzzle. I'd recommend this to any Sherlock Holmes fan AND any Count of Monte Cristo fan, plus any Adventure/Action fan.

    Reviewed by IABookReviews.com
  • Jimmy - Works greatNorton is about the very best Antivirus and security program you can buy. It works very well and does not slow down my computer or hog resources. I really like the interface, it is slick and very easy to use. Norton updates itself all the time and I really don't have to worry at all about viruses, malware, spyware or online dirtbags, crooks and scammers. I get less spam with Norton too. Norton is the only antivirus I will use, and it is also the only one that has ever actually kept me off of a malicious internet site. Amazon's price was less than half the price at brick an mortar retail stores.