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  • puglover1120 - Great for travel!!I have 1 year old twins and we bought two of these for when we move to Germany in a couple months. We heard it is not child friendly there and restaurants do not supply high chairs for children. Anyway we tested these out on a trip to San Antonio this past weekend. They were great!! Everyone else at the hotel had to hold their baby on their lap at the hotel breakfast area and we were free to eat! We have 2 bibs in each storage compartment along with 2 spoons. The storage is very helpful. You could also stick a diaper and some wipes in there, and a disposeable place mat if you want. The buckle strap holds the child in very well.Our twins were very happy to be up at the table instead of farther away with a high chair and tray too. They hooked on to every table we were at, at the hotel and restaurants, and we also use them at our kitchen table. People were amazed at the easy fold up and attached storage bag they couldnt believe their eyes! We were so prepared and other people werent! We just packed them up easily and threw them over our shoulders with the shoulder strap and off we went. I am extremely happy with this product!!I recommend to everyone who comments about it so far!

    Pros; Folds flat easily
    Storage in back
    storage bag attached to product/handle for easy carrying
    Fit every table we tried
    Straps hold child in

    Cons: "righty tighty lefty loosy" did not apply to ours when trying to hook them onto the tables. It took a little while to figure out which way to screw them into place, then lots of twisting, but not more than a minute. Still a clamp system of some sort may be easier or better.

    Able to use in booths, but both my twins liked to use the booth to stand up in the chair with their feet and were constantly trying to get out of the chair. Also when we sat at a table, and put the chair underneath the seat, they would try the same thing so we had to pull the chairs away from the table. But no big deal. Use with tables is definitely better instead of booths if you have a child that doesnt understand the concept of not standing up!
  • - IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND STICK WITH IT - IT WILL WORK!I was very skeptical when I first got this book - but as I began to read, it really started to make sense to me. I had thought that my diet was important but my doctor did not share this opinion. As I began reading this book, it all became very clear to me. The premise of cleansing the body from the inside out makes so much sense. Dr. Pagano gives you all the step by step information, including the fact that there will be a flare-up before it really starts to heal. It's not easy, but if you are determined, as I was, and really want it to succeed, stick with it. To help me do this, I also ordered his companion Cookbook, "Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook . . . Plus! which is available ONLY through his website at psoriasis-healing.com, but it helps tremendously in making meals so you can stick to the plan. To all those who have written reviews, I've read them all and I am totally surprised at those who are critical - sure - you need to go to the bathroom, that's part of cleansing - that's how the toxins that we have allowed to build up inside of us come out, instead of through our skin.Thank you Dr. Pagano for helping all of us who suffer from this unsightly disease - you are an inspiration to all of us.
  • caclark74 - Good bass for a small affordable subwooferI paired this subwoofer with a Vizio SB4020E-A0 sound bar and they work great and sound amazing together. I set the volume knob on the back of the subwoofer to 75% and control the volume through my sound bar's remote control.. Very nice. Bass is pretty impressive for an 8 inch woofer. Movies and television sound great and so does music playback. It isn't real punchy on music's bass drum but it certainly rattles the windows if cranked up. I recommend this sub for anyone looking for some bass in their setup for under $100. With this and my sound bar it sounds sounds like a full home theater system. The bass was definitely the missing depth I was missing from just having the sound bar hooked up by itself.