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  • Brian - Good book if you want to start self-prescribed therapy. But beware of fluff.First the good news. I call this a very good book. And if you have decided to self-prescribe and self-administer the therapy as outlined in the book instead of using conventional medicine then my best wishes for good health and luck go with you. Many have reported good to very good results with this therapy and I wish the best for you.

    Now the bad news. It takes 75 pages to get to how you're supposed to use the darn stuff. The first 75 pages are not really pure fluff only about 90%. Stuff like how medical science has been corrupted by Big Pharmaceuticals. OK. How medical studies are biased. Yeah, OK. How perfectly good treatments are heavily suppressed. Yes, yes. Enough Already! Skip to page 76.

    But seriously, like all chemical substances (including pharmaceuticals) you need to use it with eyes open and armed with a full knowledge of the dangers involved. No substance is "safe" not even food (food poisoning seems to be rampant) so you cannot assume anything. H2O2 is used in scary stuff from industrial cleaners to rocket fuel and in "safe" stuff like toothpaste and mouthwash. The difference in "safeness" comes from the strength (concentration or dilution) and from additives (like stabilizers which can be very toxic in themselves). For human consumption the book recommends only food-grade H2O2 and very dilute solution with distilled water.

    Another good feature of the book is that it warns you of several big-business "conspiracies" (my word not the author's): (1)Big Medicine that seeks not to cure you but to expensively treat your condition...forever! (2)Big Nutrition that promises a better, happier life and good health if you'll just buy their expensive "miracle" nuts, berries and whatnot. (3)Big...uh..treatments! (I can't use the "C" word or Amazon's robots will kill my review) Some ancient knowledge..long forgotten..or suppressed by Big Medicine (see item 1) which they will expensively sell you.
    I would add my own type of conspiracy (4)Big Books. Based on "research" which is a code-word for looking around on the internet. Often the earth-shaking statements in these books are made by "doctors" whose credentials are from non-accredited organizations.

    Bottom Line: No Guarantees! Use at your own risk! Best of luck to you.

    I'm starting the therapy now for myself because of the many positive results. I'll keep you posted. do I know all this stuff? I'm a scientist myself. Graduate level from an accredited university.
  • Bill Hamilton ( - A must for medical missionaries...Clear, concise, illustrated, and practical are but a few words that describe of this book. I especially appreciated the "attitude" of the book... not only one of healing the sick, but also one of teaching those in the village how to establish a medical community of their own. It's a great book to use and then leave for those with whom you've been working. "Where There Is No Dentist" would be a good companion, as well.
  • C. Taylor - Feather-Ruffling, Theological MemoirWesley Hill's thoughtful and bold "Washed and Waiting" will challenge every opinion of homosexuality. And that's a good thing. The debate over homosexuality, especially among Christians, is often filled with caricature, ignorance, and meanness from both traditionalists and liberal-progressives. With careful theological explanation and courageous self-revelation, Hill attempts to respectfully change the tone of the debate.

    Wesley Hill identifies himself as a celibate, homosexual Christian. For Hill, his Christian identity takes precedent over his sexual desires. He continues to feel same-sex attraction but has intentionally chosen not to act upon those desires. I suspect Hill's identification will challenge some traditionalists (certainly not all) because he does not believe you can "pray away the gay," a terrible phrase to be sure. But his insistence that same-sex intercourse is wrong, is the result of Sin fracturing human sexuality, and his choice to abstain from sex with men will challenge many liberal-progressives who advocate gay marriage.

    While you can appreciate the well-written narrative of Hill's life so far, you cannot understand him without a solid grasp of his theological convictions. Whether one agrees or not with the implications Hill and other traditionalists conclude from those convictions, those convictions are solid Christian orthodoxy. Like many of the Church Fathers, Hill does not believe that sexuality is essential nature: "One day, I believe, whether in this life or in the resurrection, [my homosexuality] will fade away. But my identity as a Christian - someone incorporated into Christ's body by his Spirit - will remain (22)." Such anthropology is not welcome among many in contemporary Western culture, whether gay or straight. And yet, the words of Jesus himself suggest that Hill - and the Church Fathers - are right.

    Two biblical passages are fundamental to Hill's self-understanding. The apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 6:11 and Romans 8:23, 25 are repeated throughout the book. Paul speaks of Christians as being "washed" by Christ and now waiting with some frustration for the renewal of all Creation. Hill puts his faith in that hope of one day being free from his struggle (his wording) with homosexual desires.

    This will be a nonsense argument to some, which Hill admits. He knows full well that "countercultural allegiance to Christ" is "crazy" without reference to the biblical narrative as the true Story of God saving a Sin-wrecked Creation (59). What may also seem crazy is Hill's insistence (once again drawing on Paul and other New Testament authors, though he could just as easily referenced plenty of Old Testament writings) that "long-suffering endurance as a participation in the sufferings of Christ" is a good thing; in fact, in may be a unique opportunity unavailable to those who reject persistent struggle or pain (70).

    Hill's memoir-like offering will ruffle feathers. And that's not a bad thing.
  • tim can - a simple woking program that does not overwhelm your computerI want a protection program that works quietly in the background and does its job and this is the seocnd time I have used this program and loved it. Unlike norton that makes you feel like an alien has hyjacked your system this program loads easily, and works softly and quietly protecting you but never seesm out of control or over controling. I would buy this again and again without question