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  • Jeanmarie "good consumer" - I never thought it would be fun to vacuumI Just received my Dyson DC44 and cannot believe how easy it is to use. I had an old loud cordless vacuum that sort of worked & I could not tell at a glance if it needed to be emptied. The DC44 surprised me with how quiet it is and easily it flattens to go under tables and beds. I have 3 kids a dog and a new puppy, keeping my floors clean is not a priority on most days so the big vacuum doesn't come out as often as it should. It was so easy I did my car floor, went looking for any missed cobwebs and ended up on the front porch at some hard to reach webs. I can imagine how easy it will be to do the boat next summer and the sand on the cottage floor. It is pricey but it appears to be worth it. This is the first time I wrote a review before I got the email asking me to.
  • mmfmom - Great chalkAfter reading reviews, I couldn't believe that there is that much difference in chalk. Well, while waiting for this chalk to arrive, I purchase some regular chalk from drug store and I am a firm believer now that there IS a difference. This chalks writes better, erases better and makes less dust. I'm sold! Will buy again.