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  • DigitalKitten - Really happy with the NutriBullet

    I recently purchased the NutriBullet and the recommendation of friends and am very happy with it. I also read many customer reviews before I made my purchase. It is very simple to use and very easy to clean up. I like the use of this product to make juices and smoothies without spending a fortune. A little bit of fruit and vegetables goes a long way. I frequently have to split some of the items (ie, apples, pears, etc.), that a recipe calls for and refrigerate the leftover item in a Rubbermaid container until I can use it the next day for the next juice. So far, so good. I recommend this product and just make sure you don't go passed the Max line. I have followed that principle since I first used it as I was well aware (through other customer reviews) of people having issues with this item due to people overfilling their NutriBullets.

  • Barbara Tintle - This REALLY is THE BEST PILLOW EVER!!!

    I have a permanent injury to my neck. I've had it for 40+ years. Since I bought my 'My Pillow'. I thought it may not help, but I had to try anything I could because the pain was excruciating!! I got it home, and it did have an odor that smelled sort if "industrial. I followed the instructions and washed it straight away. The first night, I found that the pillow was a bit noisy (almost like the 'snap, crackle, pop of Rice Krispies. The next night it was the same. I felt like I had, yet again, fallen for something useless. I liked the feel of it, but who wants to sleep on a bowl of Rice Krispies, ya know. One of the features I loved was that it was washable AND dry able . I decided to wash it 2 times that day. it's very easy ( be sure to balance you machine). To my surprise, it dried in about 20 minutes. That night, the odors were gone as was all the noise. Since, I've had it, Imy neck pain is gone..GONE!! I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!! This is THE BEST investment I've ever made. It literally changed my life!! My family will be getting these for Christmas!! I cannot thank you enough for this pillow!! People who don't think it's the absolute best pillow in the world obviously didn't give it a chance. I no longer need medicine for my pain!! I tell everyone I see about it!!