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  • Catherine - This is the program I have been looking for!!!I have always had a keen interest in nutrition. LIke others, there have been a few added pounds for both my husband and I that we could not lose. We eat very clean and fresh food. We cook, we exercise but the scale was not moving. I have even focused on the acid/alkaline foods with no significant results. We decided to commit to this program to: 1) lose 20 lbs each, 2) help my husband's high blood pressure of 8 years and 3) to lessen the odds of disease due to family history. In one month, my husband has lost 15 lbs., I have lost 10 lbs. and he is completely off his Blood pressure meds. He reduced them slowly as his BP continued to drop to normal. Amazing!!! The journal we keep doing this program of testing and resting is quite telling. One size does not fit all in the world of nutrition and eating. The book is quite informative and the menus, recipes are very well explained. Couple of items I would have liked in the book, although it would have made it a larger book. I would love to have had more explanation about the science of food and inflammation, why certain foods are reactive and non-reactive, what happens to tissue with inflammation hence weight gain, etc. And lastly, I think the indexing could have been a bit better. We are now on the "Plan for Life' and on our own. This will definitely be the "Year of the Test." Could not be more pleased to have found some real answers about how to get ourselves in optimum health. Whether you make the commitment to do this program or not, the information in this book is relevant to everyone.
  • Lisa - Chrohns - getting your life backThis book is a godsend for all sufferers of all manner of intestinal diseases. As a Chrohns sufferer I have faithfully followed the diet for the past year after the medical community consistently told me that no matter what I ate it is an inevitability that some of my ileum would have to be removed. I no longer live with that fear. The diet has enabled me to take control over my life and regain health - I am drug and symptom free and intend to continue with the diet in order to remain this way. The diet is strict and results can only be reached through fanatical adherance to the guidelines laid out in the book. This can take some effort and vigilence but how important is your health? It can be complicated and there are several webgroups (detailed in the book) with an ever increasing number of volunteers dedicated to answering questions and giving advice to all newcomers (an invaluable resource and welcoming community of fellow sufferers). Elaine Gotteschall at the age of eighty has spent many many years helping people with intestinal diseases through her research and the fact that the medical community, for the most part, ignore this important scientific work is their loss - do not let it be yours. Take control!! Read the book and the many reviews here and decide for yourself if you want to continue to live your life with poor health - is that as good as it gets????????????
  • Joshua A Kuanfung - Review... For men!I'm a guy, first off. Asian mixed decent, so olive colored skin, straight black hair all over. Apparently not the most aesthetically pleasing sight when not groomed.

    I've tried clinic lasers before. I've gone through plants of Mach 3s in the last 15 years as well. Waxing, that too. Last year was the emjoi epilator (great product, by the way) but still wouldn't even stunt the growth. With all the money I've thrown at removing hair, what's $300 more dollars, right? We are men, trial and error is what we do!

    I've just finished my 3rd treatment, I'm going at the pace of about 1 session every 2 weeks. If you have done your homework on hair removal, I shouldn't have to explain why. It's a slow process, which is completely acceptable if you are serious about anything.

    The treated areas to start are shoulder, chest and abs. After the 2nd go at it, the hair is down about 50%, and only growing in patches. The treatment is also relatively painless if you have tried things like waxing and epilators, so be a man and crank that baby to full power, because your girl would for you! Get it done.

    Lastly, though, be mindful of treated areas. I think I overlapped some areas, because I am experiencing skin burns in a nice, neat little matrix grid across my torso. They fade in color over time, but I don't know how long it takes for them to disappear completely as I am sticking to a rigid 2 week schedule. Hope it goes away.

    I'll update on the progress if need be, I am not expecting any real problems yet. Great product so far!
  • Linda Baker - Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013Mocrosoft Streets and Trips 2013 is better than the last version I have.
    My husband drives truck over the road and I use it to route his trips
    this version gives me the total miles traveled in each state.
    before I would have to figure the total miles for each state.
    this saves that extra step and time for me. thank you.
  • blamb - Great product/great dealI've had Norton 360 on my computer for a year now and my subscription was almost out so I clicked on the "renew" option and it was going to cost me $60 to renew through my existing subscription. Instead I found this product, purchased it, installed it, and now it's working great and I saved $45!! This is what I will do every year from now on!