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  • Amber - Shark customer for life!

    I first bought the shark portable cleaner deluxe (all accessories) and fell in love with it. I told myself that Shark is a good brand so I bought this item.

    I have no words for how this vacuum except WOW. I swept my hard wood floor I'm the dinning room, kitchen, hall way and family room real well. In fact, I swept it better than I ever have do to wanting to see how well this vacuum would work based on the infomercial. I then used this vacuum and it got so much up! I didn't even see any dirt when I was done sweeping. I vacuumed up a TABLESPOON of dirt and a good hair ball of dog hair (a non shedding dog). A tablespoon of pure dirt and dust is a lot!

    I love how portable this is and how easy it is to break down and carry. In addition, this can be broken down and stored anywhere, including under your sink if you wish.

    My only complaint is, I wish the cord was longer, but I am just fine switching outlets as needed to accommodate this vacuum. Any other regular ole vacuum, nope, I'd be taking the vacuum back.

    I even took this vacuum to my grandmothers and mothers house and they both bought one within days.


    I now will be getting on Sharks website to see what other cleaning products I can buy and switch all my other brands to Shark.

  • Jonathan - Perfect for a filibuster

    Do you believe in human rights? Do you think a women's health is a matter for her and her doctor and not for aged religious fundamentalists? Then these are the shoes for you! They will carry you through a marathon and a 13-hour filibuster necessary to protect women from the bigotry and religious intolerance in Texas. Highly recommended for progressive feet!

  • Kristin K - Yonanas Deluxe is awesome!

    I am super addicted to ice cream. So when seeing this product on Dr. Oz I just had to have it. It took me awhile to stop procrastinating and buy it. But once I made it for the first time it blew my mind!! I love eating healthy as much as I love eating unhealthy. I really don't understand how it makes frozen bananas tastes like vanilla ice cream, but it does. The first time I made it, it wasn't all that great (it was really icey and choppey). But that was because I didn't follow the directions exactly. Once I did, I was not disappointed! It really turns into the awesome ice cream consistency as promised, and tastes great. I am currently enjoying a banana-strawberry-peach yonanas combination. Highly recommended product!