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  • Bob DUMON "Bob D." - Drinking more coffee now, but I love it anyway!

    It is just so convenient to walk out in the morning and be able to select from a variety of different coffees. I like Island Coconut best... add frothed milk to it and sprinkle some chocolate powder on top and wow what a great coffee. My wife hates flavored coffee, but really likes the Hawaiian brew. I alternate between several flavors and really enjoy being able to do that. Also like the bigger VUE cups, the ability to brew coffee on a "STRONG" setting, and with very hot temperature water. All things considered I'd really HATE to be without this product. The VUE system has spoiled me!

  • L. Romer - Highly recommended book.

    Not only do I recommend that you read this book, but I recommend you buy a second copy for your doctor. I went thru multiple gynos over a three year period and most of them told me I was imagining or over-exagerrating my symptoms. One doctor even tried to remove my cervix as his cure. Once I found a doctor that has read this book and believed it; she tested me and a few months later I was cured. Yeast overgrowth is way more than what you think, and it can cause many illnesses that you wouldn't imagine it could case. Also check out the website from this doctor: