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  • Lindsey - Great little deviceI'm not one for gadgets, but this thing is nice. Very simple instructions and easy to set up. It did hang at one point in the process,and Roku customer support chat was fantastic (just unplug/re-plugin to reboot it) and it was good to go. It's so small, it doesn't take up any room at all. You do have to buy an HDMI cable for it though, which I didn't realize until I read the instructions. But it's very user friendly and a great substitution for cable or satellite TV.
  • Johnson - Great but paper quality is not so goodI owned both Sanford guide 2010 and 2013. There isn't a big difference between the two but the paper quality is so thin and easy to tear for the 2013 edition. Overall, as a 3rd year pharmacy student, I think it is very helpful in terms of looking up antibiotics. About the font, it is really small.
  • Moanakai - You could frame every page!Truly an extraordinary artist, a gift that will please all year in beauty and function. Being in the medical field myself, I can attest that every vein and artery and bone are properly placed on those pages allowing a transparency into the body, of both human and animal (not all months have those type photos but are still nevertheless original pieces of art). I bought for one of my more open-minded doctors and also one for myself. Highly recommended.
  • Happy cat in Texas - Great product, very easy to use.Great product, very easy to use, simple to operate, very quick, makes very good coffee, is small, doesn't take a lot of counter space.

    Specially in the morning, if you don't have much time to make breakfast, here is a quick way to get a fresh cup of coffee.

    Only wish they had Spanish, Puerto Rican, Italian coffee K-cups available. Those are strong good coffees. But still, you can use your own favorite coffees.