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  • Robert B "Danzguy" - I really like this grillThis grill is just the right size grill for my wife and I. I've grilled for years and I really like the Tru-infrared grates. I don't get the flare up like I've gotten on previous grills. I feel the grill is well constructed, easy to assemble (sure, it takes some time) and just enjoyable to use. Clean up is easy, just turn the burners on high for fifteen minutes and most everything is reduced to ash. I pull the grates out and brush them off with a welders wire brush. Regarding wood chips for smoking, you can just throw them on the grates but when you open the lid to fuss with the meat the ash lifts up and can settle on the meat. I recommend double wrapping the chips in foil with holes poked in it.
    Regarding the construction, other than a few dents in the stainless cabinet, it held up well when the big storms that swept the nation came through and tossed the grill out in to the yard. I even had 70 pounds of bricks in the cabinet but I found it in the yard anyway. I put it back on the patio and it fired right up.
    Anyway, regardless of what others say, I think this is a great grill and I'm happy with the purchase. And, I didn't sink all that money in it like a Weber would cost. BTW, I live in NE Indiana and I've been grilling with temps in the 30-40 degree range. I hope this review is helpful to everyone!
  • JeffC - Breaking the Vicious CycleMy son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis; medical treatments were not working. He was very, very sick.
    The diet as laid out in this book worked for my son. His symptoms started to go away after 3 days on the diet.
    He continues on it today, 1 month later. This has helped him greatly.
    I was drawn to this book from other positive reviews on blogs from people who have UC and IBS.
  • Joseph - Great Security at an Affordable PriceThis is great Internet Security, just a few days ago, Norton stopped malware from infecting my computer from a program that I thought was legitimate. It keeps all my security passwords in one area, so I only have to remember one password. That and the fact that it fill-ins the password automatically is a definite plus. Norton Internet Security has always kept me and my computer safe, and always will.