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  • yeye "yeye" - SMALL BOTTLE BUT REALLY WORKS AND STILL HAVE ALOT LEFT!!wow!! when i received this tube that i bought i was somewhat a little dissapointed because i felt i got ripped off by getting such a small tube .Anyways i applied this as instructed on a Monday and by Friday my skin tags fell off!! Only left with a reddish mark that i covered up with some foundation...this redness only visible for three days and now i am clear of all my annoying skin tags . Skin tag FREE !!! i totally recommend this product ! Don't hang on to those creepy skin tags or huge moles!
  • Ryan McGlashen - Great shoe with excellent supportI just started running (actually walk/run) about a month ago and was experiencing some cramping in my legs and pain in my heels. After talking with my doctor and friends who run regularly they all recommended investing in a good pair of running shoes. I was stretching pre and post but was still experiencing the discomfort. So when I did my research and checked out reviews I came across these Mizunos. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I've had them for two weeks and have not experienced any pain and the cramping has minimized. The extra support in the heel area is amazing. They are by far the most comfortable show I own. I will gladly recommend them to a friend.