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City: 78218 San Antonio, Texas

  • Sheeros - very helpful!I ordered this book to take along on a driving trip to Florida from NC. It was very nice to have although I found I used the app on my android more. So, if you dont have an app and you have a good navigator beside you this is a wonderful book to find restaurants, restrooms, gas and other things along the major interstates.
  • Dinubabear - Grow herbs, flowers & fruit in the worst environmentThis device waters your plants and turns the lights on and off based on the setting. Add the nutrient plan and you have some of the fastest growing plants out there. It comes with a seed kit, but I couldn't tell which one is included. Probably Salad (the fastest growing, 3-4 weeks!) or Gormet Herbs (the most popular). Here are some of the specs:

    It takes a standard plug, instead of a 3 prong, so it can plug in anywhere instead of just the kitchen. The bowl holds 14 cups of water. That's one pint shy of a gallon. The light goes on for 15 1/2 hours to 17 hours depending on the plant, and the water goes over the roots & sponge for the lights on time or longer for thirsty plants. You have to hand polinate (a rapid 10 second wave in each plant) the tomatoes & peppers every other day when flowering, and the Peppers & International basil require you wash out the bowls every 4 weeks, but otherwise there is very little maintenance. The light comes on when the water is low and another light comes on when the 2 weeks are up and the plants need more nutrients, but other than that you can pretty much forget it. The lights also work to help my potted plants grow when near it. The plants like human comfortable temperatures (61-80 F) but the peppers & tomatoes will produce more fruit if safely over 70.

    The nutrients are different for each plant (I have a breakdown on my dinubabear site) and come in 2 to 4 sets in a kit (Starting, sprouting, normal & fruiting). You give 2 nutrient tablets every 2 weeks.

    Aerogrow guarentees their kits to sprout as described, or you can call them & they will replace their kits.

    New kits will be available in September, such as French, Italian & Japanese herbs.