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  • Carol Jones - It's easy to use.This is easy to follow and you can work on it bit by bit as you have time or as you gather the information. II've done my Will, Advance Directive, Durable Power of Attorney,and Final Arrangements documents, and now I'm working on Information for Caregivers and Survivors. When I am all done I will take it to my bank: someone there will witness as I sign various parts and notarize it if necessary.
  • Charles M. Britzman - UNSIGHTLY INSIGHTSLong ago, I watched a PBS special about molds and mildews. Most of the documentary was about all the damage they do, and how they turn up in places like bagpipes and even jet fuel. But when they got to the mold called penicillin, and referred to it as the medical miracle of the 20th century, I pondered long on how the yuck factor can often mask a world we really need to get to know better, for our own good. Thus, Zimmer's book found a prepared way in my mind. I still walked new yuck factor ground here, since your average parasite is a devious Einstein compared to a mildew. But I looked for and quickly discovered the same kind of insight, and even more ancient and important relationships, in this book.

    The zombie crabs,snails and ants, the genesis theories of sex and language, and the way parasites are hidden modifiers of the old "survival of the fittest" paradigm were eye-openers, as was the discussion of how sickle cell anemia is a byproduct of natural selection for the single sickle cell gene, brought on by the prevalence of malaria. As a professional science writer who is expert in bringing out the meaning and implications of research so that the layman can understand, Zimmer paints the incredible picture for us, of the multi-billion year old interplay between competing parasite/host DNA chains and natural selection. Along the way, the various hookworms and blood flukes have learned biochemical tricks that science still hasn't figured out, but will turn into blood thinners and anti-rejection treatments.

    And I learned that there is a parasitic fungus on insects, Cordyceps, that is the source of an important antibiotic called cyclosporin, which took me right back to my moldy epiphany long ago.
  • M. Wilson - A very insightful bookI was fortunate enough to get a review copy.

    The first few chapters are a bit slow and miss the mark. Honestly, I wish the first 75 pages were shorter.

    Now, on to the good stuff. The chapter on health and the rise of sensors as a tool for everyday living and health is eye-opening. Health - has become ossified by the best practices of a prior century. Where once you would go to the doc, they listen, and prescribe a treatment can be flipped on its head. Patients gather data about their exact condition and and body state then the patient has the option to compare their data to others, consult a doctor, and create a course of treatment which can be monitored and tuned. Awesome! The book makes clear why a data driven history is a far better diagnostic tool than a 5 minute chat with a physician.

    I really enjoyed reading Age of Context.

  • Carmen - Wen Pomegranate CleansingI waited a few weeks before I wrote this review because I was soooo impressed with the results that I thought it couldn't be true. I decided I should use this for a few weeks and see if I was still impressed. I AM!!!! I can't believe how thick and soft my hair feels. I have naturally wavy hair and it holds a style real well but when it rains...humidity makes it go crazy, lol. Not now though, it can rain, rain, rain and my hair stays soft and frizz free. I have also ordered the Almond and it was waaay to heavy for my hair. It made my hair feel greasy. I have come to the conclusion that different scents are for different hair types. My hair is long length,(past my shoulders) fine/medium hair shafts, (but I have alot of hair) and like I mentioned earlier, wavy. Pomegranate works great if you have this type of hair. I have noticed they also have a cucumber scent which I read is for hair that needs volume. I may try it just to see if it works. I have read a lot of reviews(mostly people that buy WEN off QVC) that say they lost big chunks of hair after using this product.
    I have had no such thing happen and neither has my husband..unless something goes majorly wrong. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO REGULAR SHAMPOO EVER...I AM A WEN GIRL FOR LIFE..but in the event that something does go wrong I will update this review. =)
  • MR Dad - Forget the rest, go with the bestLike the rest of you, I was a doubter after reading some of these reviews. But when it came time for me to connect my DENON RECEIVER to my DENON CD PLAYER, I knew that I would only be satisfied with the best connection possible.

    I'm writing this review from the hospital, so forgive me if I go off on a tangent. The pain medications make me a little woozy.

    The packaging for the product was phenomenal. I posted an "unveiling" video on Youtube. You can watch that videio if you want more info about the packaging. Search for "Cable" on Youtube.

    After my dog dide, I was really sad. I posted a video about his life on youtube too. Search for "My Dog Died."

    The DENON CABLE was surpisingly short. I had expected a bit more length. I guess I should have read the description. However, at only $169/inch it's cheaper than a good quality mail-order bride and will probably cause you much less heartache. (Katarina, please come back to me if you read this.)

    I debated calling a stereo technician to install the cable, but it was late on a Friday and I didn't want to wait, so I decided to do it myself. That ended up being a bad idea, but I'll get back to that later.

    Installation was surpisingly complicated. The back of the DENON RECEIVER had about six million connections and it looked like some type of octopus made out of wires back there. It reminded me of that movie with that octupus thing with legs made out of wires...

    THE MATRIX!!!!!!!! OMG I FINALLY REMEMBERED. That kept me awake all last night (that, and the pain, I suppose). Remember those octopus looking things with legs that look like wires from the Matrix??? Put a bunch of those in a line, shrink them down about 100x, lay them on their sides, and that's what the DENON RECEIVER looks like from the back. For those of you who have never seen the back of your receiver, go back there right now and look and tell me if that's not exactly what it looks like.

    Katarina loved Keanu.

    She loved my dog too.

    I can't continue this.

    Buy this cable, but don't try to connect it yourself or you may end up in the hospital like me.

    Thank you for your time.