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  • Happy Grammie "Sue H." - Align to the Rescue

    I have had IBS for years. Most recently I had the most awful experience with C-diff. Align was recommended to me by our daughter. Even tho I was taking a probiotic for years, it wasn't until I started Align that I got relief after only a few days! My husband also takes it and we haven't felt so good in a LONG time. I highly recommend this product. (If I ever have to take another antibiotic I was told to double up my dose of Align for the duration.)

  • Deborah DeRight - Love it

    This is a great item. My grand kids play games and read books for hours. I don't see how anyone can not like the kindle. I have just purchased another one so the kids can each have one. The free books in the kindle buffet is a wonderful added bonus. I purchased a inexpensive tablet for my oldest granddaughter to find out it was junk. Button were hard to press and to find apps is a nightmare. She will be getting a kindle and disposing of the other junk.