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  • Bookaholics Reviewer - The hero was a combination of Robin Hood and Zorro -so sexy!Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Historical Romance -June 26th, 2012
    4 1/2 stars

    As the forth in the author's Maiden Lane series, Thief of Shadows centers around a home for orphans in the poor and treacherous streets of London. Full of heart and dramatic romance, Elizabeth Hoyt only gets better!

    Winter Makepeace lives austerely and strictly. He fights to avenge and protect those who are underprivileged in the dark and dangerous streets of London. By day, he is the aloof and stern Master of a foundling house devoted to protecting and caring for orphans. But by night, he plays a dangerous game with his life as he prowls the streets saving the unfortunate as the masked Ghost of St. Giles. However, his exploits have made him a target for the law. Winter's life is further complicated by the lovely and vivacious Lady Isabel Beckinhall, a fluttery socialite who has far more depth and perception that he is comfortable with. She has been named his `mentor' to help him polish his image since his position as Master of the orphanage is in jeopardy. But Isabel soon discovers his secret. To complicate matters further, a dangerous group in St Giles has been stealing young girls. Winter must risk his life, reputation, and a budding love on his quest to rescue them.

    I could not stop reading this story! I have been anticipating Winter's story and was not disappointed. Winter is an idealist with strong convictions and is clever enough to help those in need. That he is the mysterious masked man who saves the day makes him a very compelling and dashing hero. He was a combination of Robin Hood and Zorro -so sexy! And Isabel felt a little bit like Maid Marion, a strong woman who discovers his identity and will sacrifice herself to protect him even as she tries not to fall in love with him. Winter's passionate nature is only expressed as the masked Ghost. But is soon unleashed with the tempting and alluring Isabel. HOT! His intensity for justice and his final capitulation to let himself love Isabel were heartwarming and mesmerizing to read. I have not read such a worthy hero in years and cheered when he found happiness. I also enjoyed reading about the wealthy and independent Isabel. She knows her own mind and finds an unexpected attraction to a younger man of little wealth and no title throws her view of her life totally off balance. But in the end, these two characters are meant for each other.

    Touching, romantic, and unforgettable. The Thief of Shadows is a book to remember and re-read! I loved the tension between the main characters as a clever Isabel suspects Winter's true identity and Winter tries to hide his affection for Isabel to protect her from his dangerous life.

    Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club
  • Matt McWhirter - This book saved my life.This is the first review I've ever been motivated to write. If I had gotten to read this and The Game 17 years ago at age 14, my life would have taken a more positive route. I would say up until last May, I was in the VBAFC category (very below average frustrated chump). I won't go into too many details of my life, but I suffer from a nasty biological illness known as Borderline Personality Disorder. Up until last May when I was diagnosed I never had any idea of what was holding me back. When I looked into dating books along with the dialectical behavior therapy stuff I came across The Game, which told me what truly is possible. This book, told me HOW to make that possible. I came face to face with my own worst enemy and learned how to attack my anxiety and depression at its root source. The exercises helped combat my social anxiety, while the write-ups in the briefings helped me master my inner game.

    In barely 2 months, I turned everything around...and blew everyone away at the complete 180. This book recommended Intro to NLP and Mastering Your Hidden Self that took my improvements even further. I have this book on my nightstand and have all of the briefing articles and read at least 4 of them daily. If one applies themselves, they can change their way of thinking and their reality.

    Because of my "disorder" I considered myself probably in the worst case scenario category. While none of this was marketed as medical advice, it changed everything. I now feel I've made a complete recovery and I look forward to every opportunity I go somewhere I can potentially meet women. This book will only help you if you WANT to change and are willing, able and ready to APPLY what you learn. I've recommended this book as well as david deangelos video seminars to my AFC friends. While some of them chose to remain AFCs, the ones who took my advice made 180s themselves.

    I can't think of a reason not to recommend this book. Again, this is something I wish I had much earlier. But since I barely turned 30, I know that my 30s are going to be one kick ass decade. :) Thanks Neil
  • bananaman - A Slice of HeavenWhen i was a young teen, i suffered from an anxiety involving sliced bananas, rooted in an abusive relationship, in which my significant other, constantly beat me and verbally assaulted me for my inability to properly slice bananas. Though I was able to end my relationship with her, I was not able to move beyond the trauma that this life experience has caused me.
    I decided that the only way to get past this fear was to educate myself in the art of banana sandwiches. I now consider myself a peanut butter and banana connoisseur. I have been to several peanut butter and banana conferences and was the keynote speaker at the PBBFA (peanut butter and bananas for all) conference hosted this year in Wisconsin. I am working on my doctoral dissertation on the development of the modern banana and how agricultural domestication of this unique fruit has affected the sandwich industry. With all that being said, I have strove for years to find the perfect sliced banana. Even after different social experiments and mathematical calculations, i found no clear conclusions. However, after purchasing this product on a whim, my personal and professional life has been significantly changed. I have run studies and seen that this slicer produces not only the perfect thickness that we all desire, but also that uniformity that was previously impossible to find.
    I have finally come to peace with my inner struggles involving bananas and I am slowly but surely moving on to find peace with myself. My friends have noticed a significant change in my behavior. They say I am happier and smile much more often. I even have felt more comfortable around women, and am hoping to some day be able to have a normal relationship with one.
    Thank you Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. Not only have you given me a perfectly sliced banana, but you have also given me back my confidence to be myself and move on with my life.
  • T. Robinson "Major-Tom" - Betty White ROCKS!This wonderful lady is a force of nature and an American treasure. The attention she is getting now is long overdue. A Betty White Calendar is at the top of my Christmas list. In fact, if it was the only gift I received, I would be perfectly happy.

    And if anyone out there doesn't like Betty White, I have to ask... What's the matter with YOU? ;p
  • Gl Hoffman "First Time Reviewer" - This book is THE one.No Question...if you want one book that lets you know all there is no about the jobs environment today...this is the one to buy!! All other books basically owe their existence to this is well organized, easy to read, and easier to find exactly what you need to know. I bought this new edition after buying an earlier edition and I think it is entirely new and updated.