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  • Matthew Megas - Cruel Amazonians, taunt me not with empty promises of milkCruel, cruel Amazon masters, why do you taunt me with offers of delicious, healthy Tuscan Whole Milk, only to reveal that it is nigh impossible to have said milk delivered to my humble abode? What sins have I committed against your venerable e-commerce site, or the winding, tropical river from which its name derives? I ask only that you give me one final chance to taste the resplendent white nectar, one final chance and then I shall never implore you again to offer it. If this is impossible, please, direct me to the simple Tuscan dairy where I might acquire it in person, so that I may make a pilgrimage and reach that land of milk and possibly honey (I haven't seen Tuscan honey on your vast inventory, but I would not be the least bit suprised if it turned out to be a superior, delectably sweet variety of honey).
  • Aunt Rosie "happybooker" - Amazing FaithI don't know how she could have endured the nine months with that crazy man and his wife except for her amazing faith in God. To be raped everyday for nine months, chained like a dog to a tree, and starved as well and not lose it is truly amazing. Elizabeth knew God loved her and she always thought of her family. Most people would not have been able to do what she did. I know I could not and I am a Christian. She did not have to go into detail about her rape or how those crazy people made her drink and take drugs or play Adam and Eve. I saw her on "Katy" and she has such poise and she is sure of herself. She is truly amazing.
  • Edward Spedding - Long time userI have been a Tool and Die Maker for over 40 years and I wish I had AutoCad back when I started! I've Worked in a design/Build capacity for the past 25 years and taught myself AutoCad in the early 90's on begged and borrowed equipment. I was finally able to get my company to get me a seat of release 14 and I became College Certified in . The 2013 LT is great, Being a little old school I am glad AutoCad has kept the classic format, to us old guys it makes the program very comfortable. I now have my own business (Design/build) and I do a lot for my old company, so being able to access all of my old autoCad files has been a real positive. In summary, Keep it new , but embrace the old tried and true. Thanks, Ed Spedding EJS Mechanical
  • William P. Price "Newport Investigations" - JD Clarke, new guy on the block2012 Lunar Contact

    Eighteen months ago I read all of Jack Campbell's "Lost Fleet" series in two months and thought it was the best space opera I had read since EE Smith's Gray Lensman. I just finished reading 2012 Lunar Contact. Move over Jack Campbell, there's a new sheriff in town.

    JD Clarke has put together a story with believable characters. He paints with words like an artist with a brush. The story doesn't bog down and the action is never ending and for me, there was the special treat of sentient computers and software. I had to love this story.

    Pat Price
    Author, Newport Investigations series
  • Jon A. - Excellent, affordable subwooferLets clear things right away. This should not be your first choice for ground rumbling bass. For that, you would probably want something a little bigger. This is, however a perfect choice for those of us who live in apartments and don't wont to get on the bad side of our neighbors. Remember though, bass travels through walls easier than other higher frequencies. Placing the sub on something instead of straight on the floor can alleviate some of the noise complaints, but the best idea is just turning the volume down and stepping into another room and seeing how loud you can still hear it.

    I live in an apartment and chose this for my PC sound system. My room is pretty small, no wider than 20x20ft. I plugged this into my Denon receiver and set the crossover around 80hz, as this is commonly recommended. Supposedly, the higher your crossover frequency, the more likely you are to run into localization issues, where the sub stands out in the audio. Check some forums for more on the localization effects. Although my Arx-A1b's can go as low as 52hz, I like to relieve them of the lower frequencies and send them to the sub. The crossover frequency determines what point sound is sent to the sub. This sub can go up to 200hz, so any higher than that and you'd start to lose certain sounds, as the sub cannot play above 200hz.

    Now for actualy sound quality, I've never owned a nice expensive sub to compare it to, but compared to your generic 2.1 logitech systems, this thing is a champing. Bass is mostly clear and not boomy sounding. I'd avoid placing it in a corner as that can lead to boominess. Placement is not a critical as your front speakers (which should form an equilateral triangle with the listening position), but its generally recommended that you place the sub the same distance from you as the speakers are.

    All in all, this is a great subwoofer for the price, and I don't think many people would need to spend more on more expensive ones unless if they have their own house and want earth-shattering bass.