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  • Peter P. Strawn "Peter" - Seagate 1TB USB 3 HDD

    The drive is used for external backup, e.g. system imaging. It works well for that purpose. The one change I would make would be to limit the software and miscellaneous files provided on the HDD. My preference would be to receive the drive with NOTHING but the drivers for XP/Vista/7/8 on it at the time of purchase. As it is, I save the driver I need and then delete/overwrite and reformat the drive before actual use.

  • StrawberryThief - My parents tested me with this and the results were AMAZING

    Several doctors had previously tried to test me in the conventional way but to no avail. They just couldn't tell.

    Then my parents bought me this and got some great results. It was really easy to use and I was tested in no time at all! It's just an added bonus that this is a pack of five - it allowed them to take an average of my test results to be extra sure. The tests can be re-used, too, so there's really no downside. Safe, fun, educational, result-yielding.

    Me and my mum and dad highly recommend this item.

  • AZCOMCustomer - From Cover to Cover!

    First saw this book at Barnes and Noble for nearly thirty dollars. I knew my son would love it, but didn't want to pay the cover price. I was thrilled to find it here at such a bargain!

    It is a beautiful book! ... Colorful photos and fun facts galore ... from cover to cover!

    My 9 year old son is enjoying it and so is the rest of the family!

  • Pen Name - WEN works.. You need to find the "kind" that works for you

    I have been using Wen now for about 6 months.. and let me tell you I will never use Shampoo again.

    I started off with Sweet Almond Mint.. didn't love. Its supposed to be the "everyday shampoo for all hair types" and I disagreed. My hair is fine and really straight- so maybe this type is meant for really thick hair because it made mine really greasy. I was about to give up.. and then I discovered Lavender.

    My hair has never looked better, I use to keep my hair shot because when it grew long it would get really thin at the ends (it just wasn't healthy). Now my hair is long, thicker (nothing totally drastic) and shiny. I realized you need to use ALOT to cleanse the hair properly. At first I thought "no way do I need 15 pumps" and you do. I use 15 and it is good enough, some people need to use more. I noticed the difference most in my hair when I use other shampoos. My hair doesn't get dry or staticky (I live in Boston and its really dry in the winter) and your hair just feels different when you use regular shampoo, something you wouldn't notice unless you tried Wen.

    I think over all every hair type is different. Don't give up on Wen just because it doesn't work right away. You really need to figure out which one works best for you and how many pumps you should use (it really makes a difference). I will never go back to regular shampoo again.