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  • Trina - This banana template is too almost too hardI was impressed with the reviews and couldn't wait to try out my banana cutting template. Although it came with no instructions, I figured out on my own how to tape the template to the banana. Maybe the rest of you haven't thought of this, but I used a sharpie (fine point) to help me in outlining the exterior of the banana so I would know where to cut it. The banana I used was too big, so I improvised as best I could. The rest of the banana that didn't fit into the dimensions of the template I simply threw away. My husband was impressed. I might get lucky tonight.
  • Blondie83 - LISTEN TO ME!!!!!I have never written a review for ANYTHING before, but I had to write one for this product. Let me start off by saying that I have struggled with weight my entire life. I am a 29 year old mother of two, and growing up I was always the "fat" sister. I have been depressed and unsocial almost my entire life because of how uncomfortable I was with my body. Til this day I still get insecure at times, but it is a work in progress. I have tried counting calories but I was always in a bad mood because I was STARVING all the time. Even counting calories results in slow progress for me. I lost maybe a pound a week. I have tried working out to Julian Michael's DVD's (I own 3) and it was pure torture because I hated to sweat, it took way too long to get a full work out, and the next day I was so sore, I could hardly move. I have gone to the doctor for B-12 injections, took prescribed fat burner pills, and as time went on I started to become more depressed and pretty much said "screw it." I guess I was meant to be fat.

    I have heard about these Vi shakes from plenty of my coworkers, I figured it was just another scheme and a bunch of BS. When I heard it was $99 a month I laughed and said "good luck with that."

    I don't know what came over me, but I was up late one night and I read a post on Facebook about motivation and making things happen if you really wanted it. After reading all about Body by Vi, taking my friend's words into consideration, and reading countless reviews, I spent the $99, regretted it instantly.... then it arrived in the mail three days later.

    I drink a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and eat a balanced dinner. It tastes GREAT! Almost like a smoothie you'd buy at Jamba Juice. Trust me, I am a junk food junkie and these shakes are GOOD. I have NOT worked out AT ALL and I have a sit down office job. I lost 7 pounds in 7 days. I have even eaten mashed potatoes and grilled chicken from KFC as well as bean burritos and tacos from Taco Bell for dinner. On average, I lose a pound a day. I have NEVER felt so confident and skinny! When I look down while driving my stomach no longer pokes out further then my boobs and that is huge for me.

    I'm not going to lie, I have a shake at 6:30am and I am STARVING by 11am, so I bring a Blender Bottle (which I purchased on Amazon) and a baggie containing 2 scoops of my Vi mix with me. All of my shakes contain 12 ounces of low fat milk, 2 scoops of Vi powder, and whatever fruit I want to blend in such as a half of an orange, some strawberries, or a banana. That's it!

    This WORKS. It'll be the best investment you'll ever make. Think about all the money you will save on groceries, and how great your body will feel. The directions state to drink two shakes per day to lose weight and one shake per day to maintain your weight. You'll want to eat nuts, fruits and vegetables if you want to snack.

    Don't hesitate. BUY IT!!!
  • bikenut71 - Cloud AntivirusI was pleased by the speed of the Antivirus program compared to McAfee and others. The program seems to be as good as Spysweeper with Antivirus in regards to removing spyware/malware and appears to be just as reliable when it comes to detecting and cleaning viruses. I've been recommending Spysweeper to all my friends that have had spyware/malware problems with their comptuers using the more notable companies like McAfee and Norton. Since they made the switch I get less calls for favors. : Webroot is a great company with great products and I've been using Spysweeper since 2004 and have never been let down.
  • Mr. Fantastic - Great new updatesI spend a ridiculous amount of time using Excel and working with Pivot tables. There are some really great new upgrades in 2013. Some fine tuning on the ribbons, and more functional things added to the pivot tables, like slicers and being able to repeat rows. You can't work in the business world and not be pretty savy in Excel. It' hard to even criticize, because there are no legitimate alternatives. I'm a big fan of Excel. I just wish you could use the powerpivot addin with this version, but I see why they held it back.
  • Raeden Zen - An Apocalyptic, Inspiring, Lyrical RoadIt began in the forest.

    "When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold of the night he'd reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him. Nights dark beyond darkness and days more gray each one than what had gone before."

    From there, travel along Cormac McCarthy's road and for many, especially those with children, never be the same. The lyrical prose, the apocalyptic setting and a father's mettle combine to make "The Road" a novel that will resonate for generations.

    Make no mistake, while readers will sympathize with a parent doing all in his soul to protect his child, if boy and father were sauntering along Lexington Avenue, hitting the boutiques and dining on caviar, we'd be as stimulated as a fossil. No, it's the idea of a North America burned to bits, rampant cannibalism, a loss of humanity, a loss of hope that keep us interested. We have to know what father and son encounter; we have to witness this post-apocalyptic world and feel its cold and smell its soot and roll along the road.

    "They passed through the city at noon of the day following. He kept the pistol to hand on the folded tarp on top of the cart. He kept the boy close to his side. The city was mostly burned. No sign of life. Cars in the street caked with ash, everything covered with ash and dust. Fossil tracks in the dried sludge. A corpse in a doorway dried to leather. Grimacing at the day. He pulled the boy closer. Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said. You might want to think about that."

    McCarthy never uses semi colons or colons or parentheses. He doesn't use quotation marks for dialogue, dialogue that echoes. He breaks "the rules." It doesn't take long to appreciate the style and bleak tone.

    "He rose and took the pistol from his belt. This door looks like the other door, he said. But it's not. I know you're scared. That's okay. I think there may be things in there and we have to take a look. There's no place else to go. This it it. I want you to help me. If you dont want to hold the lamp you'll have to take the pistol.

    I'll hold the lamp.

    Okay. This is what the good guys do. They keep trying. They dont give up."

    The bottom line: The Road is depressing and inspiring and simple and convoluted all at once. An engrossing read, at its heart it is the story of father and son and the struggle of one parent to do whatever it takes to keep his child safe; an age-old tale done beautifully and lyrically by a master of modern fiction.

    -Raeden Zen