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  • Hammerklavier - Norton is trying to pull a fast one

    It's a 5 star product when purchased through amazon. The company, however...

    When my renewal notice popped up, Norton wanted $90 to renew through them! Glad I checked Amazon before I agreed to that nonsense.

    I may look for an alternative once my subscription is up, I don't really like giving money to companies that try to screw over their longtime users. Shouldn't they be offering discounts to people who have stuck with them? Very shady business practice.

  • Lucy Rosset - Thanks to this diet, I have regained my life!

    Thanks to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I have regained my life! For many years, ulcerative colitis controlled almost every aspect of my existence - where I worked, social situations, recreation, travel, etc. Having not responded well to medications, I had even reached the point of discussing with my doctor the possibility of having my colon surgically removed. I would never have thought that something as simple as diet could solve this problem.

  • Deborah Gardner - Unexpected surprise -a must read!

    This book was an unexpected surprise. I figured I'd get the typical career advice as well as some job hunting techniques, but I got so much more than that. Taking time to work on my Parachute Flower was key to gaining valuable insight as to who I am. The favorite subject matrix and the favorite people chart really opened my eyes to what is important to me. The prioritizing grid was HUGE in enabling me to figure out the exact order, and I can see me using this in the future. Finally, Appendix B was wonderful to read...made me feel like I was not alone with the numerous feelings I have had during the challenging time. I gave 5 stars because this book is a game changer - a must read for any adult who has worked, who has a career, or who is unemployed.

  • James Henderson - Better Than Most!

    I have been looking for an antivirus program that will protect my computer without crippling it. Most of the AV programs either don't protect very well or do too much and use so many resources that the computer can't work efficiently. Kaspersky protects and allows my computer to work at top speeds. So I went back and purchased enough copies for all of our computers in the office. We tried AVG and all the rest but we got tired of the constant ads popping up every 5 minutes. Even the paid versions of AVG were a pain with all the reminders to upgrade to the next version - what a pain. Kaspersky is now our choice and as long as they continue to make it protect and not hinder we will continue to purchase subscriptions. Good product - buy it!