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  • Gene in Denver - HydraflossI got this appliance at the recommendation of my dentist. There was a learning curve, but I'm amazed at the tiny particles that are missed by my toothbrush. My dentist gave me a website and a discount code to buy this irrigator, but I got it through Amazon for the same price, with free shipping. Good product, fast (and free) shipping, what's not to like?
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  • Grace G - Better than using a knife!Sometimes I forget which knifes I used to cut smelly onions or other smelly foods... you know those foods that stick to a kitchen utensils no matter how many times you tried scrubbing that scent off? Well, now there's this!! Gone are the days of using knifes! This is the best banana slicer in the world! You just place banana down and place this on top and slowly add pressure.. like in the picture.

    Reasons why I love this better than using a knife:
    1. Don't have to worry about accidentally cutting my fingers.
    2. Banana sliced in one easy go.
    3. Great bite size pieces.
    4. Safe for all ages!

    I highly recommend this product, and kinda surprise this hasn't been "as seen on tv"... unless it already has. I can't wait for the next model!! I want to slice more than 1 banana at a time.