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  • B. S. Mc. "B. S. Mc." - I buy this every year. Never a disappointment.

    I get this calendar every year. It's a nice mix of guys - as with any calendar, there will be some months you will want to last all year, LOL - but the guys are "normal" dudes - not a bunch of air-brushed pin-ups, nor a bunch of over-the-top porno types. These are guys like you would see walking down the street on any given day. Very tasteful and very hot.

  • GMS - Price TIP

    FYI - Walgreen's Drugs sells for $149 and the replacement tips for $25. Much better price. Just purchased yesterday and can't wait to try. A friend of mine 24 years ago was married to a Doctor and told me of the advantages of zapping high intensity heat into a pimple to destroy the bacteria and make it heal. Apparently, it has taken this long for someone to actually put it all together and market it. Good for them! Sounds like it is a good product that is in fact helping most.

  • M. Thompson - A Must Have if you enjoy Rush Live....and who does'nt?

    I saw them twice on this tour so I might be a bit biased but I love having a solid recording of the actual tour. Yes many of these songs are on other live albums but if you go back and listen to them they are each very different. Geddy's voice has mellowed over the years but I think this just adds to the enjoyment of hearing the old classics delivered with smoother tones. Not that one is better, just pleasantly different.
    If you are new to Rush then this will be a great introduction to Rush at their best...LIVE!
    Looking forward to the new album next year!
    Rock On!

  • Jeffrey R. Barry - A huge bargain

    My significant other had an old school kindle, but used her cell phone for a lot of other things. I got tired of watching her squint through reading glasses trying to play games on her phone. I bought her a Fire and inherited her old Kindle. We both are very happy with the outcome. The screen size is perfect for reading, gaming, or viewing movies. Where 10" tablets tend to be too big, and cell phones too small, this one is just right. Amazon works with Google to make sure the applications available in the Play Store work flawlessly on the Fire. The system speed much more than adequate. The only thing missing is a forward facing camera. All said in done, it pleases the geek in me and the gamer / reader in her.