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  • Felipe D. Mardakis "Hoi Polloi" - Great ProductFor the first few days, I was trying incredibly hard to tolerate the terrible taste of this product, but after a few days, I felt incredible. Not only did it regulate my system, it also made me feel more energetic. You do have to stick to the instructions given on each packet, and it was very rewarding to do so. Though the taste may be horrid, it is a completely natural product. I recommend this to anyone looking for a natural cleanser.
  • Arielle M. - Keeps my lady parts in orderIn addition to what everyone else has said, I can organize all the documentation I have on my lady parts, and any medical procedures or medication pertaining thereto, in one of these binders. Comes in handy in case R's government wants to know why I haven't conceived in a while or why my husband has a rash (not that he does, of course, but if he did...). SO helpful!

    I hear there are lots of openings right now for handmaids The Handmaid's Tale (Everyman's Library). Good to know, since that's the sort of job that would allow me to exercise my lady bits in a government-approved manner.

    PS - that "durable view" is a lifesaver! How else could I get honest appraisals of the quality of my lady parts, if nobody can see them?
  • Karyn - great gift for my niecesMy nieces love them (I bought two). One niece was 3 and the other 4 when I gave them these - they love the camera and the fact that they can personalize them so even though they got the same color, they are still personalized. They should last a few years at least because it says up to age 9 so as they grow they will learn to use more of the features. Nice product.
  • R. Griffin "Jaimee" - Give it a try!OK. I had no idea who this author is, but I'm waiting on the next Diana Gabbledon book and I've read the others a million times. Amazon suggested Wool and over 1,000 reviews can't be wrong, right?

    A silo. My initial thoughts: Super far-fetched. A cleaner: Who's gonna do that knowing the outcome? Halfway through the book: How's this guy gonna tie all this together?

    So, I couldn't put it down. My family thought I'd abandoned them. It turned from far-fetched to believable to I-hope-that's-not-what-happens-to-us. Howey shows a story about the big guys controlling the little guys but it's more than that. It's what people will believe if given enough rules and fear. Thanks to the author for not being heavy-handed on the romance. If I want a bodice ripper, I will seek out Danielle Steele (bleh). I've never read a story even close to this one. Matrix is the closest I can think of, but the premise is definitely different. I read the second book and am now beginning Dust. Cheers to an author and summary I wouldn't have even considered (I normally like historical fiction) if not for Amazon's suggestion.
  • Jennifer Park "jennybeanz25" - So far so good!I have been dealing with these pesky cold sores for ever and they are big, embarrassing, and last forever! I read all of these great reviews today when I saw a start of one right after I just got finished with one a week ago. I went to my local Sweetbay and found it for $13.99. Went home followed the instructions on the back and this was around 6 hours ago and it has not gotten any bigger, which it usually would have. I a,m hopeful when I wake up it will be gone :) So far so good.