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ICON plc - Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) for Drug Development - ICON is a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.


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  • DLC "Sunny AZ Lady" - Paryoll Novice, Not anymore!I am a Novice paying payroll for my staff, doing government reports and it's quite easy with QuickBooks Pro 2013.

    I am afraid of failure when it comes to writing payroll, submitting state and federal forms; but after doing it with QuickBooks now for the past year, I feel confident that I am on the right track and even quite proficient now!
  • Rose Dillinger - Works great with Wacom Intuos4 Medium, Mac or PC!!I have to say, I've fallen heads over heals for this program. I started out with the 3 year student trial of Sketchbook Pro 2011 on my PC, which I still have and it's really nice. Actually, it started out on Sketchbook Mobile on my iPod touch, and it's a very great painting and sketching application. Then I saw this could be used with a tablet, and I thought I could see if I could look into getting this. Since the 3 year trial, it has become my digital sketchbook. I actually prefer drawing on here than on Photoshop CS5 because it feels more natural and it's snappy and starts up fast! I would use Photoshop just to polish the sketch I would use in this application.

    This application runs great on my Windows 7 laptop like a dream. I then got the update for the Mac app store on my old MacBook. It was a hand-me-down from my sister, and yes, it's the oldest one with the Intel Core Duo, the one right after the iBooks and PowerBooks. I saw this thing on sale for 30 bucks and I couldn't pass this opportunity up. So, a few days later, I got an iTunes card that was compatible with the Mac App store and got the application. Despite my MacBook being the oldest model, it runs great!! Even if it's just 1GB of RAM, it runs smoothly. For Mac users out there, take advantage of this price for your Mac. I recommend this application. And if you don't have a tablet, you can use an application called Inklet to use which turns your MacBook or MacBook Pro's trackpad into a graphics tablet, depending on the model. Go to tenonedesign.com for more info.

    Sorry for rambling on about that! I thought it was informative. It works well with tablets like the Wacom Intuos4 and I imagine works better on tablet PCs and pen monitors like the Wacom Cintiq. Try the free trial and you'll find this application to be worth buying on either Mac or PC =) Happy sketching!