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  • srquhf - QuickBooks for Mac 2013 upgradeLove it! Did have an initial problem when first upgraded, but it turned out to be a problem with MY hard drive which had to be cloned, reformatted and re-installed. Don't be so hard on Intuit and the Mac version - it has been working perfectly for me. I have been using QB since the 2007 version and (sorry to all you nay-sayers) but Intuit has continued to improve the Mac product over the years. So many people comment on how much better the PC version is vs. the Mac version and I wondered all these years what I was missing by not ever having the PC version. Well, recently I had the opportunity to help out a friend who was on a PC and let me tell you - you can keep the PC version - Give me my Mac! The Mac version is way better. I have had absolutely no issues with crashing in 2013, no issues with performance and speed.

    I would have passed on the 2013 upgrade except for one new feature - the ability to group invoice. Working in a property management company, we invoice all the owners in an association the exact same amount - having the ability to do a "group" invoice saves me literally hours of work - Thank you Intuit for listening! I use the Community Forum regularly when I have questions or difficulty and I always get responses - it is a great resource.

    There are very few accounting packages out there for the Mac community and periodically, about every year and a half, I download a trial version of two or three of them and run them through the motions for our business and I always reject them and prefer to use QuickBooks. I'm happy.

    Don't listen to all those one-stars - most likely it's operator error.
  • kimberleepolk - This product saved my FACE!I have used many products to clear up my adult acne with not much success but a lot of money spent! The doctor prescribed tetracycline and I was on that for years, they kept upping the dose to keep it under control and then that quit working altogether and who wants to be on that forever??? Then I was prescribed another product that I later found out was another line of Proactive at a lot higher cost and that my new doctor was one of their dealers!! so of course she prescribed it! I should have had miraculous results for the money but NO! I was frustrated and still had acne! So I some research for something more healthy and natural and found Exposed! Half the cost and with the money back guarantee, Why not? I tried it and Yes within 30 days Awesome results and I feel like I can use the products safely without all the harmful chemicals. It's gentle and it worked!! I love it! Thank you so much Exposed for saving my face! I am 46 and acne just doesn't fit in the lifestyle of a new Gramma! I have been recommending the product ever since to many women young and old because it saved me! PS The ordering is great, pick your date for your product to be sent out to you and change that at anytime- NO HASSLE - and/or order individual products as you need them! It has been a very good experience for me all the way around! Exposed Acne Treatment - Basic Kit
  • Brian D. Zachel "Movie Maniac" - SainSonic 3d Glasses vss PanasonicThis is my first venture into the world of 3d television. I have yet to try the Panasonic glasses so I was conservative in my review of these glasses. They work very well. I had no trouble getting them to sync up with my television. I have to wear them down towards the tip of my nose...not because of the glasses but because I wear glasses and have a tri-focal prescription and have to position the 3d glasses so to avoid the "lines" in my own glasses. All in all...a great buy. Update 11-14-2011: I now have a pair of the the third generation Panasonic 3d glasses and did a side-by-side comparison. My findings are that there is virtually no difference in picture quality, or any other issue. They are bulkier than the Panasonics but find no glaring differences in 3d quality. The Panasonic brand features a mechanical slide on/off switch whereas the Sainsonic uses a momentary contact switch. Based on my experience I feel that the slide switch will fail before the momentary contact style of the Sainsonic brand. Not a big deal...just my observation. Unless you sit there and actually play with the switch on the Panasonic brand this will probably never become an issue. As to which one to buy...that will be your personal choice. If you want to save money buy the Sainsonic brand. If you absolutely have to have the Panasonic brand then go for it by all means. I have both and find neither to be a disappointment...ah yes!...forgot to do get a velvet pouch to store the Sainsonics in...the Panasonics have no storage except the box they come in.
  • The 3 C's - 13 yrs into the 20th cenury13 years into the 2oth century, choice is a freedom for all. Don't sit around and do nothing put your best shoe forward and be heard. Time for the next generation to stand up and not let the silly old boys control what's best for you. I will always run the wave with Wendy & Mizuno Thanks Wendy
  • Sharona - GREAT GIFTI bought this for my Father for the Holidays. He is loves photography but let's say his pictures need.... some work. It broke my heart to see him so invested but his pictures turn out so poorly. He LOVED this book. His first response was that he loved that it didn't ask him to buy a fancy camera or make big purchases. He felt he could really use the tips and he likes how easy it was to look at and the examples. He told me it was a good teacher. I felt great I could get him something that he could use and maybe this year everyone will be in focus with their heads intact....