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  • Tatyana Kanzaveli - Recommended reading for brands and consumers!Not too many books appeal to both: consumers and brands. This book "Age of Context" by Shel Israel ( @shelisrael ) and Robert Scoble ( @scobleizer ) most definitely does! It filled with so many stories, examples of the most innovative technologies used by forward thinking brands. It also explains the impact of those advanced technologies on people's lives.

    The magnitude of the impact of 5 technological forces described in the book: mobile devices, social media, big data, sensors and location-based services, should not be underestimated.

    Brands that are not staying abreast of the latest trends will be facing major challenges to stay relevant, provide experiences expected by their customers.

    People need to be aware of new types of potential implications these exciting devices and technologies bring into their lives: privacy, security and more.

    This book is a masterpiece of brilliant storytelling about geeky matters in humanly digestible way!
  • BC "BC" - Prescription Drug ReferenceThe PDR is an indispensable reference if detailed drug information is needed. This product is very helpful if prescription medications are taken for acute or chronic medical conditions and you need to research the drugs your doctor is recommending. The information provided is detailed and thorough. I purchase updated PDRs as needed to keep up with medical advances.
  • Clark Isaacs "Clark's Eye on Books by Clark I... - How simple can it be....Very easy to install and useThis product is excellent in the installation. Was very easy to follow instructions and clear out the old virus programs and install this one.

    Would recommened this to everyone. Also, cleaned up several things which were slowing down the computer and it operates faster without the delays encountered previously.

    Great delivery time and came in good order. As it is for 3 computers that is also good since we have that many in the house.
  • Patric Brayden - Re-furb is Su-perbMy refurbmished Kindle Fire HD 7" is like new. Of course it's not the absolute latest release, but it works so intuitively, reliably, and flexibly for the job i want it to do, the access I need, and as a bonus my 6 year old granddaughter has found apps she loves on it, so I'm not a lame grandpa.
  • Mary K. Dillard - It's Microsoft Office, what can I say?I've been using M.O. 2004 since it came out; being forced to switch to 2011 version (because OS Lion doesn't accept 2004) was slightly agonizing, having to relearn where all the functions are. But it's alright, and I enjoy using this helpful tool. I do miss Entourage from 2004; it was a helpful tool for organizing large multi-application files, and it's not in 2011, which disappointed and confused me greatly.