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  • Lav1006 - "Best money you've ever spent!"

    Direct quote from my husband! Our 2 month old always kicked like CRAZY, so I decided to buy something that incorporated that. This mat is FABULOUS! We have another one that we barely use now. My son could stay on this for hours, kicking the piano like crazy and staring at himself. I would recommend this to anyone who has a little kicker on their hands! Also, Amazon is at least $10-$15 cheaper than anywhere else. Buy this!!!!!

  • California girl - Saved me from group b strep nightmare!

    I had been struggling with itchiness for months. My hormones are off due to breastfeeding, which alters the vaginal pH and a culture came back as Group B Strep, which doctors won't treat because it is a naturally occurring vaginal flora. Well it's also a super irritating flora! I had tried: garlic, internal and external, GSE internal and external, ACV internal and external, washing with only water, douching (which is not recommended but I was desperate), not douching, wearing no underwear, using allergy free laundry detergent, taking an assortment of vitamins. Nothing worked. After about a week of daily use the itchiness was gone. I have found that it must be used daily, except when I'm menstruating, or the itch returns, but it has improved my sanity a bunch. It's kind of a bummer that my vag has now become an item on my daily list of chores to attend to, but no one ever said womanhood was easy. As an aside I also rub a little coconut oil down there after getting out of the shower and that has helped immensely with dryness and itchiness as well. The combo of the two has worked wonders and I wanted other women who may be struggling with similar issues to know that there is relief.