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  • Just Fell In "Just Fell In" - Most Underrated Pink Floyd Album

    This album is the Floyd's most underrated masterpiece from the 70's. It is just as good as the rest of their post 1970 releases and better than anything after The Wall, but not as well known or loved. Nevertheless, if you like this band, in this album you will find some of their most creepy, artsy, heavy music. Cynical to the bone and no fluff, this is Pink Floyd at their best. All of the songs are classics, but as with any Floyd album, the songs are best listened to together for a full "album" experience. Here Roger Waters wrote some of his most insightful lyrics and the band as a whole produces some of their most poignant imagery to fit those lyrics. The only problem with the album is that it is made of 2 very short intro/outro acoustic bookends (Pigs on the Wing) and 3 very long songs for the main body of the album. The long songs made culling a single very difficult and thus the popularity of the album suffered for lack of radio airplay. The shortest of the main songs is Sheep, clocking in at 10:18. This makes for a greater commitment needed on the part of the listener, but as with other PF releases, repeated listens become more and more rewarding. In my opinion this is just as good as Dark Side Of The Moon, (albeit more cynical), Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. It's just a different listen. If you love art rock, progressive rock or just intelligent, politically insightful music, you must get this.

    I recently bought the new discovery series release of this album and I have to say that I'm disappointed. I previously owned the 1992 remaster of this disc and I don't hear a huge difference between the two. There is some higher degree of clarity for the 2011 release, but it isn't the jump that I expected from 1992 to 2011. I can usually notice a big difference when I get a good remaster. The difference from the original masters to the remastered versions of early Marillion comes to mind. I noticed only a very small difference in the bit rate that resulted from ripping this cd to my computer. Usually the bit rate changes more with better remasters.

    I use the Windows media lossless setting. If you rip a cd at the highest possible fidelity and you use an unremastered cd first and then a remastered cd you will get a higher bit rate on the remastered cd because the increased headroom of the sound of the remaster should require a higher bit rate to accommodate. Remasters will typically have a bit rate of 900 or higher. The bit rate will also change if you set the rip setting to a lower resolution, but if you compare ripped cds at the same resolution, remastered cds usually have a higher bit rate than older cds. Usually the bit rate goes over 1 Mbps with good remasters. This is just a rule of thumb, since the bit rate can also be affected by dynamics of songs. Softer songs will have a lower overhead for the recording process and won't need as high of a bit rate to sound good, but you will find that most of the time it applies.

    The best way to tell the difference is to just listen to both versions. When I do that I listen to one song off of the old master first and add the new remastered song to the playlist to compare them one right after the other. This is the best way to do this because you don't have a waiting time in between listens while you change cd's in a conventional cd player.

    I still love this album and highly recommend it, but the remaster didn't really do it for me. Maybe some of the other remasters are better. Dark Side Of The Moon was remastered in 5.1, so I'm hoping that maybe that will have a greater impact on the cd as well. (Not because the cd would benefit from the 5.1 mastering, but because they might do a more comprehensive remastering job when planning for a 5.1 transfer and also because DSOTM is such a seminal album that it might receive a little more TLC). If you're happy with your old remaster, I don't recommend spending extra money. I also like the cover art and booklet of the previous release much better. They more closely resemble the original.

    As a side note, if you want to save some money, you can get this at Best Buy for $11.99 (In California), although someone told me that Best Buy in other parts of the country has it for 9.99.

  • Sandra L. Setlak - Crossroads

    Fantastic Book. I could see this situation really happening. Well done, great writing as usual with Radclyffe. Loved the medical references which is her strength!

    Great story, Enjoy

  • Charles H. Thompson III - Best I Have Ever Used

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