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  • Spemin Johnson - Better than Epson's $80 3d glasses because you get usb chargerI tried these glasses for my Epson 3010e projector because of amazon's lenient return policy. In fact, they work great; or even better than the epson's expensive $80 3d glasses: you have the capability to charge it using usb. You feel the same depth as the epson't one. It is worth every bit of the money. I'll buy more later. Everybody who owns 3d projector should try some universal ones. But you have to get the technology right. Some 3d glasses using infrared; others using RF. Don't mix and match. The display determines what technology to use.
  • Flygirl - WE LOVED IT BIG TIME!!! (planning to buy more!)While I truly appreciate the heads up (regarding the company and credit cards), I am going to tell you what I think of the product as the wife of a husband who just tried ONE tablet! I don't think a guy can get these results with this tablet alone but I'm glad my guy of 23 yrs did not take 3! Reason being, is that he also uses pboost and while the two products can get really pricey, ONE tablet of this and one tablet of pboost made him like a rock star in the bed last night AND this morning! God as my witness! No one is paying me (wish they were) but these are the results we got! First time out of the gate! I'm 53 and my guy is 49 and he made me feel like we were both in our 20s!!! We did not do it like THAT when we met (I just turned 30, he was 26 and we were both active duty Air Force in Germany back in 1990)! So, that's my advice; I will look into the card thing (hubby got a free sample and just paid for shipping and canceled only because we did not want additional charges to the card); but I would GLADLY pay for this product (with the boost); I can barely get over how AWESOME It was for us around 1:30 this morning and AGAIN around 5:30/6a.m.!!! Can hardly wait until the next round!!!! Serious; try the two together and I doubt you'll be disappointed! Really, one or both of the companies should payment for this endorsement but it's the truth!
  • C. Hansen - Contains a ST4000DM000 drive with Frustration-Full packaging.This product has a Seagate Desktop HDD 4 TB SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive ST4000DM000 inside, but the packaging for getting to the internal hard drive the opposite of "Amazon Frustration Free Packaging." However, the pricing for this product is consistently lower than the ST4000DM000 and the Seagate Desktop HDD 4 TB 5900RPM SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive STBD4000400 - Retail Kit, for reasons I cannot appreciate. I've done it 15 times now, to get the drives for a RAID system, so I can now do it pretty quickly without breaking any of the internal plastic tabs. (My tip: pull off USB adapter, pry cover strap from loose end, pop loose the tabs on the long side where the cover strap was removed, then release the clips on the short side where the SATA connector resides, then pull off the cover - needs a lot of pull force but it comes off without breaking the tabs as half the tabs have been loosed before.) As a result, I've got 15 leftover USB3.0 cables, 15 12V 1A power supplies, and 15 hard drive enclosures left over (Contact me if you've got a need for these). The USB-to-SATA adapter actually pulls off the enclosure really easily, and could be used as a docking port for hot-plugging other internal drives. I got approximately 75 MB/s bandwidth reading from the drive through the USB3 port - at that rate, you can access the entire drive in 15 hours.
  • Linda C. Garrett - Meets ALL my expections and ALL the promises made.1. Does it leak? No. (If it does for you, that means you didn't screw the lid on firmly AND/OR overfilled it beyond the "max" line.")
    2. Does it grind seeds, nuts, etc. as promised? Yes.
    3. Is it easy to use? Yes.
    4. Is it easy to clean? Yes.
    5. Do I want to keep using it every day past the "honeymoon" phase? Yes.
    6. Do I physically feel better after a month of using it? Yes! (I am calmer, more relaxed and feel healthier overall).
    7. Have I lost weight? Yes. (Duh--because I am incorporating a lot more fruits and vegetables in my diet on a regular basis!)
    8. Would I recommend to anyone and everyone? Yes--without hesitation.
    9. Have I had any problems with it? No. None. Zip. Nada.
    10. Do I have any recommendations for the manufacturer? Yes. Maybe offer a glass version--at an extra change--for those who like using glass instead of plastic.
    11. Do I have any recommendations for the consumer? Yes--have fun with it! Let your imagination just fly. For instance, use green tea instead of water on some of the vegetable recipes, or, use almond milk instead of water on some of the fruit-based recipes.
    11. Any endorsements? Yes--my chiropractic is happy to learn I am using the Nutri-Bullet--since it compliments the health-regimen that he currently has me on, e.g. no gluten, no dairy diet.
    12. Do I work for the company? No--I am an overstressed, overworked lawyer--needing to infuse some common-sense dietary changes to my life.

    Long live Nutri-Bullet!
  • Seminole - Best Windows Version Thus FarWindows, nor any other OS, is perfect and yes there are plenty of things that I do not like. That being said as a active user of all the operating systems and mobile operating systems the direction Microsoft choose is forward thinking. The pricing of this version is headed in the right direction. Although the list price is still high a savvy consumer can find very reasonably priced Windows 8 Pro licenses. At the $50-75 price point it is a good value.

    Things to remember:

    It works better with touch screens.
    There are a plethora of good touchscreen devices that come bundled with Windows 8 Pro (I prefer the full version to RT).

    Give yourself time to adapt and explore the options.
    It takes time to adjust to the new UI but take the time to read a few articles. Keyboard shortcuts are invaluable.