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  • Lorraine Cardillo "Musigal" - The history lessons not taught in a classroom.

    This unbelievably informative book is like reading a history book for school BEFORE IT'S EDITED~~~The facts (they are all cited) and historical figures that most of us know bits and pieces about and, at best, have had our opinions shaped by the web that the MEDIA has spun, are valuable in a time when "transparency" in government amounts to a slip on a "hot mic" that tells you what's REALLY going on. Every page is a slowly building crescendo to the final "mugging". Let's face it, America. We've been mugged!!!

  • Ryan Blackwell - The best review guide for Step 1

    This review has been incredible helpful not only in my preparation for Step 1, but also as a study tool during my first two years of medical school

  • J. Peplinski - Great sound to complement my 32" TV; Great customer service

    The prices of flat panel LCD and plasma televisions of all sizes have really diminished over the past decade. Unfortunately, what has also diminished is the sound quality from the built-in TV speakers. While there already exists a market and product line for most home theatre sound systems--either as component systems, home theatre in a box set ups, or soundbar systems--most of these typically service your main TV that is 42" or larger. The best way to think of the Bose Solo TV system is as a soundbar for TVs 32" and smaller. It is designed to have your flat panel TV sit on top, although it can be placed anywhere--on a separate shelf, next to the TV, wherever, as long as you have cables that reach. The sound quality is top notch--what you would expect from Bose. I was very impressed with the amount of bass it put out, especially considering its size. It wasn't quite the amount you would get from a separate powered subwoofer, but it was leaps and bounds better than the TV's speakers. There was also excellent balance of range particularly at the low and mid ranges. The high range seemed slightly muted, but perhaps that is just because I'm so used to the low quality, tinny, treble that we get from the TV speakers. Either way, it was a substantial improvement in sound quality that really fills the room. The remote is simple and easy to use with four buttons: Power, volume up/down, and mute. I also liked the soft rubberized feel of the buttons. It would have been better if the volume up/down were slightly angled and maybe a different shape, so you could easily know which button you were pressing in the dark.

    I did have trouble getting the optical cable to connect and stay seated at first. I tried using another cable I already owned and it still wasn't working. I heeded the advice of the manufacturer in the comments and called into their customer service line. I don't know why, but for some reason I just could not get the cable to stay seated initially, but when I tried it again after calling them, it worked (and yes, I had already removed the little rubber covers). I think the issue was that the door to the optical input is seated a few millimeters behind a plate and I have a fat "handle" to my optical cable which was getting hung up on that plate. If you use the cable supplied, it should not be an issue. Calling their customer service line was a pleasant experience as well. I had minimal hold time (approximately 2 minutes) and the representative was helpful and easily understood.

  • Yuval Gabovich - Greag book, Great stories, Wrong view

    Excellent review,
    Although written from the journalist anti neoconservative(as his description of the G.W.B team heads) view, very fluent, very informative and very interesting
    If you read the book with nuetralize the author ideology, you will enjoy the book anx bless all these courages men which fight the terror with no fear, no second thought and without no remorse, exactly as should.

    I certainly recommend on this book.

  • paloma393 - Uncommon valor, unforgettable massacre

    Peters gives life to his characters, real and imaginary, with great skill, letting us see into their histories and making the reader privy to each soldier's own hell. There is no relief for the fear and agonies which each man brings with him to battle and those he suffers after. The chaos, the blind pride, the inhumanity which is Gettysburg is portrayed in balanced narrative where the truth is not sterile and the reader is companion to many who fought, of all ranks, on both sides , the casualties and the dead. Their valor is omnipresent in many small moments but their slaughter, as Peters portrays these men, is so enormous , it is unforgettable!