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  • Bettina - This is a high quality book!Art Buzz is a fantastic book featuring selected artists works.They are juried in and have high quality.Galleries like this book to find new artists, it is also a nice coffee table book, and a great source of inspiration for other artists.I like that the art is international and very diverse.It is a real gem.
    Bettina,from Germany Art Buzz, The 2011 Collection (Art Buzz Collection)
  • L. Domer - Fun!So a little cheesy and slightly soap opraish but totally fun! In medicine and fire for real...not so much but it's a break from reality. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships and would love to see more involvement within them
  • Chris Hamburger "chambs" - Captain's LogStardate 43125. The Uranium Ore we purchased off Amazon.com has proven to be a great asset in our pursuit of Khan. The shipping was fast and easy especially for Prime Members. Unfortunately there wasn't enough money in the Enterprise Management account thanks to Spock's cocaine binges; i had to dip into my own pocket. It is all worth it as long as we capture this space villian!!

  • TooBeastToTap - It really works!I usually get 1 or 2 cold sores a year, and I have never really tried to do anything about it. The one I had coming on 4 days ago started really small and within 5 or 6 hours that thing was turning into something of epic proportions. When I got out of work I came home and did a little bit of research and found out about Abreva. I went to Walgreens and bought a tube of it and applied it as soon as I got home (about 12 hours after the "tingle") and within a few minutes the pain had gone away. When I woke up the next day, the bubble was almost gone and not nearly the size it was the night before. After a few days of applying Abreva to the infected area, you would really have to look close to tell anything is going on, and all i feel is a really small kinda hardish spot. This stuff really works and I wish I would have bought it as soon as I felt it coming on. Yea, it is a little bit pricey, but for the results it has given me, it is totally worth it! I know without Abreva it would be looking like a train wreck by now.
  • happycamper - Love this Bag!I searched high and low for a comfortable, sturdy, versatile and awesome camera bag and this one delivered. I didn't even realise Timbuk2 had a camera bag and I was more then pleasantly suprised. The removable liner is awesome, I can take the camera bits out and use it as a regular messenger back when needed. Very well made as all their bags are. I have the medium bag and it fits my Canon Rebel T1i perfectly as well as room for lenses, flashes, cords or whatever you may think of. Also fits my macbook pro 13" along with it all, will fit a 15" I imagine as well. Well worth the money, seriously love it!